Friday, March 16, 2018

Colorful Boho/Mid Century Space on a Budget

A gal has got some faith when she comes to me...a minimalist with an all-white and neutral home...for help in creating a colorful, boho, mid-century jungalow in her home! Britney and Charlie were in the process of building a home when she reached out for help in making an odd L-shaped living space feel cohesive and have a good flow to it. 

Britney and Charlie picked out their favorite wallpaper, and instead of spending a fortune to cover the entire wall, we framed in a section that we could have fun with and that would balance out the off-centered window. They owned a couple skulls that we added black-painted branches to for some pop! 

The painted pony wall helps balance out the other bold elements in the space as well as anchors that side of the room. 

The copper pipe curtain rod plays off the floating shelf line and that grid-patterned curtain was more perfect for this space than I imagined! 

It was Britney's dream to incorporate two of these hammock chairs that she loves so much! So a bench under the large window seemed the perfect fit for this relaxed, unstructured space! Since this room was built to eventually have a wood stove, we designed a window seat that her husband could build and could be moved and adjusted for when the fireplace is put in someday. At that point the window seat can also be used to store firewood in the cubbies. 

We all sat in the hammock chairs after hanging them, and we came to the conclusion that EVERYONE needs a hammock chair! They're amazing!!

I came across this sweet blue pendant at the Restore one day and I can't imagine a more perfect fixture for this space! We layered one of Britney's favorite paintings behind it. 

The plan is to make a driftwood chandelier to go over the table, however this light came in handy when we were unable to find driftwood in the winter!

These medallions were out of the bargain bin at Target. In order to give them some personality, we taped them, and spray painted sections of them with Britney's favorite color. The project took about 20 minutes start to finish and we had all the supplies! 

"Having Vanessa design the space was truly one of the best decisions we've made! I was so intimidated with trying to find a way to balance Mid Century with Bohemian in new construction! Even though Vanessa's style is not my own, I have always loved her styling abilities and believed she could figure out my crazy! We love our home so much, down to every detail, and are so thankful for Vanessa's HOURS of work and the passion that she poured into our space. When Jana and Vanessa styled our home after months of prep, we literally got to watch our dreams come to life. It truly couldn't be more perfect!" - Britney

Wallpaper from Chasing Paper

Plant Stand
Floor Lamp


Macrame Pendant
Rattan Chair
Metal Tray Coffee Tables

Blue Area Rug

Hammock Chairs
Bar Stools

Dining Chairs

Floor Mirror

Brass side table
Blue Flower Pendant

Vintage Markets:
Rounded Mirror
Rattan Pendant

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Minimal Christmas Home Tour

With each year, I seem to pull out less and less decor from my Christmas boxes. But I always find a place for a few of my vintage ornaments.

We've been enjoying our "finished" house for the past year, and are starting to get the "project" itch. However we have really fallen in love with this house! And it's been so nice to live in a "finished" home. 

When planning out my holiday decor, I envisioned presents wrapped in MATTE black, natural, and muddy blues and/or pinks. I couldn't find what I was looking for...but luckily found this amazing blue floral paper at a local florist shop. It looks amazing with the black!

I was determined to have these little white clay stars...and had no choice but to MAKE them! I'm not a "crafty" person, so it was a challenge for me, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out! 

That painting was a commission by a very close friend of mine last year. Still drooling over it!

My old cabinet is still the perfect piece for this room and has been for so many years! Although it used to have amazing original robins egg blue paint on it, I eventually worked up the courage to paint it Benjamin Moore's "Black Knight". 

I DIED over these pillows from Jamison Fry Co (a vendor at our Laurel, MS market last month). You know that feeling when you realize you've made an impulse buy? Well that feeling never came, and these are going to be cherished in my home for years to come!! 

I just repainted my table the most amazing color! I was drooling while I was painting! It's called "Vermont Slate" by Benjamin Moore. Very appropriate name since it's a pretty colonial blue, but with a touch of green that warms it up just enough for me! 

My island is also "Black Knight" by Ben Moore. 

I'm still so very in love and content with my kitchen. There is nothing I would change, and it feels so good to finally be at a place where I am content with my home and not on a constant quest to make it my dream home. I believe everyone can get to that point, but it takes some serious study and perhaps some real hard work!

The light over the sink is a vintage find from ebay. The dome light over the island as well as the pair over my dining table are vintage as well. 

If you don't know the story behind the stove, I'll give it in a nutshell. It belonged to my husband's great-grandmother. When an uncle offered it to us, it took some serious determination on my husband's part to get it working again. Thank goodness for Youtube! But I love it and it works so well for me!

That gorgeous painting back there is by the talented Shane Miller! He picked out the most perfect colors...don't you think? Check out his other amazing pieces @shane.artistry.

More of our homemade clay stars. I just picked out a recipe from so simple! Stringing them was not as simple ;-)

I'm hoping to post a Christmas Home Tour Part 2 very soon, with more photos of the exterior and entry and maybe even a kids room project if I can get to it! Hoping you enjoyed the photos and can use some of the sources! 

Merry Christmas!!

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Budget Makeover: Colorful, Transitional Style

Alright folks, here is a design story for ya! If you haven't been following my FB live videos of my mother-in-law's makeover, let me fill you in! 

Back in February, I light-heartedly suggested to my mother-in-law that she needs to just let me make all the decisions for her home. I said this because I know her and I was very confident that I knew what her signature style was, but when it came to deciding on each individual piece for her home, I felt like she would just get stressed and overwhelmed, resulting in the wrong choice. In jest, I mentioned that she should leave and I'll just do it all. I had no idea that she would actually follow through with that suggestion! She handed me an envelope with $2000 and left on a 6 week trip! My job was to redo her living, dining and breakfast nook, and without consulting her about anything!


Before she left, we walked through and she told me what pieces I was not to get rid of...which included the couch (which was only a year old), a family heirloom coffee table, drop leaf table, Buffet, and green and wood cabinet that her husband made for her and their sons when they were young. 


This started out as a huge challenge since my goal was to create the home of my MIL's dreams, which is in turn, a style so opposite from mine that I think the only similarity might be...we're both minimalists. Ok even that is a stretch! But I knew what she liked! And I LOVE a challenge! So to work I went. 

Ok...I may have broke the rules and bought her a new couch. Nope...she didn't know and that was one thing I was supposed to keep. But after trying so hard to make those pieces all work, it just wasn't going to turn out GREAT with the sofa she had. 

Here were the key words I lived by while working on her makeover:
Dramatic pops of color

This is what I knew she loved and therefore was my rulebook. 

One thing that she constantly mentioned to me was wanting "warmth"...because our winters are so long and dreary here in Montana...she wants to feel warm! This was so hard for me to translate as I am not very in touch with my feelings and have never really experienced feeling warmth from a room. But it hit me when I was in her living room early on in the was so dark and gloomy in there because she does not have good natural light! Now that is a HUGE must for me personally...I have to have natural light and I can't stand being in my living room most the time because it's very dark. This might actually be what my MIL needs! She calls it warmth, I call it...well I just call it "I have to have lots of natural light!" 

Well it just so happened that after I had started on this project, my in-law's kitchen had some water damage and they decided to just overhaul the kitchen as well! My father-in-law wanted to take out the entire wall dividing the kitchen from living room. I was not confident that my MIL would actually like that....I didn't think she'd like seeing her kitchen, living room, breakfast nook and dining room all from any place you stood. However FIL was putting in a HUGE window into the kitchen and having all that light stream into her living room would solve so much! So the wall came down!


I so wanted to paint her walls white...since it just creates that dramatic pop she loves, and it's bright and cheery and clean. However she was adamant about not doing white walls, so we did a warm grey, about as light as you can get and still notice it's grey. We did 50% color of Benjamin Moore's "Rodeo".  


Now that my MIL is back, she is ready to change the last few things that I didn't have the budget to change when she was gone. This is the cabinet my FIL made and it is really the perfect size, however I think something all wood or maybe even wicker would be best on this wall. So I'm on the search. 


The kitchen was not part of my "job" or budget, however I worked alongside my father-in-law who did all the work himself, as well as came up with the awesome design! 

Since we were on such a tight budget, I had my mom sew the Roman Shades for the kitchen as well as the living room, and they just turned out incredible!! 

I just had to have red lantern pendants over the island, but could not find anything affordable! So I ordered these from Shades of Light and spray painted them red. 

These bar stools my MIL picked out after she had been back awhile. I was so impressed with her choice! She seems to be a pro at making these decisions now...which means my job is done!

The laundry room will soon have a beautiful pocket door, which will really finish things off. 

I have always wanted to do interior design but never knew if I'd really enjoy doing other people's homes, other styles. But after doing my MIL's home, in a style that was not in any way mine, I now know that I LOVE doing other people's homes and most especially, helping them put together what is truly their own style! I also love to help people who are on tight budgets, because let's face it, most of us are! But you do not need deep pockets to have a home you really love! So my goal is to help those on tight budgets and/or that struggle with nailing down their own style and what they really love.


Living Room:
Sofa: Target
Rug: Ikea
Chair: World Market
TV Stand: Target
End Table: Hobby Lobby
Lamp: Spray Painted lamp from Walmart
Pillows: Wayfair, Handmade, Thrifted
Throw: Ikea
Window Treatments: Custom made

Dining Room:
Table: Ikea
Chairs: Thrifted (originally Ikea)
Pendant: World Market

Breakfast Nook:
Table: Thrifted
Chairs: Thrifted and painted
Pendant: Target
Prints: Etsy
Frames: Thrifted and painted
Black bar stools: Thrifted and painted

Cabinets: Direct Source Cabinets MT
Pendants: Shades of Light and painted
Window Treatments: Custom Made (Fabric from Spoonflower)

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