Thursday, August 30, 2012

FOUND: Ormolulu

We are starting a new series on the Vintage Whites blog cataloguing pieces from our favorite vendors, show organizers, antique stores, and sources of inspiration.  Kicking off the series is Debi Burton of Ormolulu!

We (Debi Burton and Jim Blondeau) are known as Ormolulu. The word "ormolu" (ornate bronze mounts found on French furniture) is the root, and the extra "lu" was added for whimsicality. From simple and humble found objects to sublime treasures, we offer passions from the past! 

Recently, Ormolumiere was added as our lighting division. Jim takes orphaned objects that I find and transforms them into exquisite lighting!

This diminutive, deconstructed chair was found at a show nearly a year ago. It appears to be 19th century Italian. Initially, I was going to upholster it, but after admiring the gorgeous lines and structure, I decided the bare bones would have more impact. My husband tacked on an antique diploma from Winthrop High School in Maine, and it resulted in something astonishingly wonderful! The graphics perfectly offset the exposed, hand-tied springs. 

Right now, this charming work of art is sitting in front of our white corner cupboard which is filled with ironstone. A small silver tray holds select pieces of coral and mother-of-pearl. Simply beautiful!

Where do you draw your inspiration from, Debi?

I'm immensely grateful for the blessing of an artistic eye. Love of all things beautiful, and an early appreciation for antiques has been in my DNA for as long as I can remember. Mother Nature plays a huge role, and of course, books, magazines, and the internet. Also, the vintage shows and markets that we do each year showcase some amazing talent and creativity! Last (but not least), a nice glass of wine and some good music certainly do help!

Whats the best advice you've ever been given?

From my mom, who I miss more than words can say: "Be true to yourself." 

To be quite honest, in my youth, I didn't catch the full meaning of that simple phrase. As time passes, however, I realize how vital this is to personal happiness. Especially today, when there is so much pressure to conform to what is popular or trendy in the world of vintage.


We can be found on as well as Facebook here and here. We sell at Pacific Galleries Antique Mall in Seattle, Washington, Haystack Antiques in Bellevue, Washington, and M&M Antiques in Monroe, Washington. Additionally, we travel the Pacific Northwest to show at various antique/vintage markets. Please see for specific information on these beautiful events!  

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  1. Jana, we're so HONORED to help you kick off "FOUND" . . . thank you!!! We look forward to seeing what other treasures you'll be profiling soon.

    Best wishes,

    Debi Burton and Jim Blondeau
    Ormolulu and Ormolumiere

  2. This diminutive, deconstructed chair is looking amazing. I think its design suits it the best.
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