Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY: Ombre Christmas Tree Tutorial + Video!

Hello everyone! Hope you're doing swell on this fine Tuesday evening! Tonight, I'm bringing you a tutorial on how to wrap fabric around your Christmas tree for an ombre effect! We never dreamed we would be professional wrappers. You know, like Jay-Z and Kanye...wait...wrong kind of wrapper ;)

Vanessa and I came up with this idea when we were brainstorming unique decor ideas for our Christmas market! It's amazingly simple. A little bit time consuming, but nothing a good movie can't help!

Here's what you'll need:

- A fake Christmas tree (if you can find one where the branches come out, that is easiest to use)

-  2'' wide strips of fabric in a gradient color palette (I thrifted all of mine. Sheets, blankets, and a curtain!)

- A great movie or tv show you need to catch up on!

Begin wrapping!  Wrap up and down each branch and limb, and tuck the ends into the already wrapped fabric! You may use more than one strip on each branch depending on how big they are. Simply tie another strip on where your first one leaves off and keep on wrapping!

You can either go from light to dark or dark to light...totally your preference! Here's a video on the process of wrapping your branches.


It really just takes some patience, but before long, you'll have an amazing tree that you can use year after year, and even in different seasons!

I even made a fabric strip garland from the leftover scraps! 

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  1. This is different and interesting. Wouldn't it be fun in a lame fabric? That wouldn't be thrifty, but sure would be spiffy.