Friday, January 18, 2013

FOUND: Linnea Paulina Photography

Today's post is by Linnea Paulina, a photographer based out of Portland, Oregon. A little about Linnea from her website: 

" I am invigorated by fresh beginnings and love stories. The prospect of planning an adventure elates me and is influenced by the 10 years I lived in Europe and summers spent on my grandparents' farm in Sweden, digging up new potatoes and strawberries. I dream of cobblestone roads, bakeries, and geraniums in terra cotta pots.

I am equally happy going out for a spicy bowl of pho with my husband, or searching Bon Appetit magazine for a recipe to make at home. I believe that it's always a good time for cupcakes. On the weekend, you might find me at the Portland Farmer's Market with a bunch of peonies in hand, or putting a few good miles on my running shoes.

I believe photographs are a medium through which we can appreciate the dearest things in life. Your photographs will express a wholesome sincerity and simple joy. I see things straight to the heart and creating a remarkable photography experience for you that is natural and fun is my delight."

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Linnea's favorite vintage piece has been passed down through her family & has been around for almost 100 years...

What is the history behind this piece?

This wall hanging was handmade by my Mormor's (maternal grandmother's) mother in the Sk√•ne region of Sweden almost 100 years ago.  My mom gave it to me after I graduated from college in 2007.  I love the bright red flowers and the words embroidered onto it.  Translated, the message is an uplifting one that echoes a true wish for my husband and I: "A hope that tomorrow shines mild and right, and that your heart is glad and free in youth and old age alike." 

It is meaningful to me that I am able to showcase a part of my family history in my home.  I love to style this embroidered wall hanging over my bed.  I can't imagine it anywhere else.  There are tiny loops sewn intermittently into the top, so it's easy to iron and hang in place.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from meals shared with family and friends, and peace at home.  I love reading magazines, cookbooks, and blogs to get ideas going for future projects.  I spent most of my childhood in Europe, and draw inspiration from my memories riding trains, traveling with my family, experiencing different cultures, and dreaming of future adventures!

My job as a wedding photographer is an extension of my experiences and inspiration.  Pictures are a fantastic way to appreciate people and memories, and I recognize joy, strength, and love in the relationships I photograph.  

What is the best advice you've ever been given?

Every time I talk to my mom on the phone, she begins her goodbye saying "take care of each other."  I truly think this is the best advice I have heard.  Of course, it is most importantly applied to the people you are closest with, but I see it as an outward attitude I try and spread outward to my environment; the clothes I wear and the home I live in.  It means to take care of the people and things you are blessed with in your life.  To look after each other is to love in a tangible and actionable way.  Truly my mom is the heart of our family and I draw so much inspiration for my own life from the beautiful, strong, and simple way she lives hers.   

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