Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mason Jars

I have become quite fixated with old Mason and Ball Jars the last few years. To me they transport me to a time where women still canned all summer long, and they bring back many memories. I can still remember my grandmother sitting on her porch on her farm back in ND and she would be snapping beans to can. My grandma and my mother both canned all summer long, and I spent many hours snapping beans, shelling peas, pickling cucumbers, and cutting corn. I have tried to carry on the tradition but find that I usually use my old jars for other things. Things that are easier and prettier, I guess I don't have as much patience as my mother! I thought I would share some of my favorite things to do with these old jars.

 I often use my jars to store food items such as beans, pasta, and flour.

 A jelly jar makes the perfect butter dish, I just screw the lid on and put it away when we're done!

 A jar is the perfect way to preserve and showcase dried flowers like lavender. This is lavender from my garden and I actually dried it right in the jar.

 Over the holidays I wound white christmas lights around my jars and liked it so much it will be permanent.

 Heres a bar of homemade goat milk soap that fits perfectly in a wide mouth pint jar, the perfect soap dish. Just pop it in the dishwasher when it gets dirty.

 Of course my favorite way to use jars is for my flowers like these english roses from my garden.

 And sweet peas....

 And hydrangeas... this jar has been painted with blue paint to give it a unique look!


 A giant Mason Jar is my favorite way to serve drinks. This jar contains Basil leaves and rose petals from my garden and also fresh lemons and limes. Makes water so much more exciting to drink.

 I love to make my own candles using soy wax and fragrances, and I always use a jar of some sort or size. I have these jars all over my house and burn them all the time!

This summer I made a bunch of these hanging jars, I used the wide mouth quart and made them with  citronella essential oils and hung them all over my backyard. They looked so pretty at night all lite up and of course they helped keep the skeeters away!

These are just a few of the many things I do with my jars, and I hope I gave some inspiration to dust those jars off and put them to good use,  we even use them to drink out of!
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  1. This is making me long for spring:) Beautiful photos and ideas!