Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Interior Styling Class with Gather & Hunt!

How many of you have trouble getting your decor just right? I am definitely one of those people. I could fuss for hours over the placement of candles on my mantle! 

Enter Danae of Gather & Hunt. She is an interior styling guru with an incredible vintage flair, and she'll be TEACHING a class on creating curated displays at our market on March 9th in Salt Lake City!

Your class ticket INCLUDES supplies (and I've seen sneak peeks of things you'll get to take home for your very own display...and you won't believe it!!) Class tickets are only $30.00 for an hour of instruction and fun. Danae is a BLAST, and I'd be taking this class if we didn't have a market to run!! Your class time will not interfere with shopping as there is plenty of time before and after. CLICK HERE to reserve your spot! Space is limited and the deadline is FAST approaching!!

Here's a detailed class description, and some fun facts about Danae!

Creating Curated Displays with the Things You Love. In this class you'll learn some essential principles of home styling by creating unique and lovely displays. Led by Danae Horst of Gather and Hunt, we'll cover concepts like layering objects, layering patterns and color, telling a story with objects, and editing your collections to make the best items stand out. We'll spend time practicing arranging and creating displays with vintage items from the Gather and Hunt collections, and you'll go home with a few vintage goodies that work in any vintage display as well as photos of your practice work and new skills to curate your own home. 

What do you want our customers to know about you? 
I'm a Wyoming girl, who lived in Seattle for 10 years but my husband and I recently moved to southern California. I've been a vintage lover my whole life. My mom took me to my first garage sale when I was 6 and I've been hooked ever since. In 2010 I made my love of vintage into a career when I opened Dear Darling Vintage with my best friend and started selling vintage goods. After she 'retired' to spend more time with her babies I started Gather and Hunt on my own. After selling vintage goods in a retail space in Seattle, as well as at shows like Farm Chicks, I have honed in on what I love most- using vintage to create unique and beautiful homes and showing others how to do the same. 

What is your 'signature style'?
The best description of my style, both in my home and in the way I dress, would be 'modern vintage eclectic'. I'm definitely into really unusual vintage things, found objects and repurposed industrial items. I love combining styles in surprising ways and coming up with unexpected uses for old things. Not everything I decorate with, or wear, is vintage, and I love the challenge of mixing really 'on-trend' items with great vintage pieces. 

If you could have one vintage find, what would it be?
I don't know if this counts, but since I was a girl, I've dreamt of finding an old brick firehouse to turn into a home. I think it would be the perfect setting for all the things I love, there would be tons of room to entertain, and having your own fire pole would be rad. If I had to pick a find that would fit in my house, right now it would definitely be a vintage Moroccan rug- they're so beautiful and well made.   

What inspires you?
I feel like I truly find inspiration everywhere. I love to wander the aisles of hardware or office supply stores and let items there trigger fresh ideas. If I'm thinking of doing a DIY for the blog I'll usually just head to a craft store and look around until a material jumps out at me and then I'll create the idea around it. I think if you pay attention, even the most mundane places can bring inspiration. I find if I'm too quick to look to blogs, Pinterest, or magazines for inspiration I end up feeling overwhelmed or even discouraged instead of inspired. I save those for when I'm full of my own inspiration and want to be able to enjoy seeing what's inspiring others. 

What is your hidden talent? 
Hmm, well I'm almost ambidextrous. I'm technically right handed but I play many sports with my left hand and can do a number of common tasks like writing, cutting, and hammering, with my left hand (though definitely not as well as I can with my right hand). 

How many of you are coming to the market?? Leave us a comment!!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

VWM SALT LAKE: Floral Design Class

On March 9th, we'll be hosting a market in Salt Lake City, Utah! This will be our first outside of Montana, and we really want to make it special. We've partnered with some amazing teachers to offer classes that you won't want to miss.

In addition to shopping the best vendors from Utah, Montana, Idaho, and Washington, join us for a class!  We're offering calligraphy by Melissa Esplin, a class on creating curated displays in the home by Gather & Hunt, a floral design class by Studio Stems, a class on using CeCe Caldwell's chalk and clay paint, and a chromatography class by Bear Cave Studios! All of these classes are hands-on, and you will be CREATING and TAKING HOME some amazing finished pieces. All of our tickets include supplies, and are set at times that do not interfere with great shopping or our fashion show with Ruche! If you'd like more information on the classes and their cost, click HERE. 

Today, we're highlighting Aubrey of Studio Stems! She's an extremely talented floral designer who we worked with to create a STUNNING still life arrangement for the winter issue of FOLK Magazine! The photos were taken by Kiera Eve, an amazingly talented photographer!! I MEAN....the girl HAND-PAINTED the teal pods because she couldn't find flora to match the palette. Crazy talented.

Here's a little more information on the class that Audrey is teaching. It's a fully hands-on class, and you get to take home an arrangement! How awesome is that!? 

Learn how to use your own eye to create a fresh floral centerpiece. Chances are, if you're interested in this class, you do have some skill set and some talent in those bones. It is important in floral design to begin with your own connection to your own style and perception of flowers! So come and learn how to embrace that and let the blooms speak to where they go for you. There are some perimeters here to help you as well as some instruction!

- I started teaching about half way into my floral career and that means I have been sharing floral knowledge for about 7 years now. 

- I want my customers to know that I am pretty down to earth and relatable with some good design skills in tow and love to work with people!

- My signature style tends to on the traditional side with a vintage garden spin. 

- If I could have one vintage find it would be furniture, most likely a chair or couch; and nothing specific but furniture speaks to me.

Here is a link to my current most favorite pin. I am a florist so naturally at heart I love me a good cutting garden and happen to really heart this log cut garden path. I hope to do this to my new backyard this summer! 


Inspiration is abundant, even more so than ever before in my career. Pinterest is at our finger tips, other artists and creations are abound! And I do find inspiration there. But something a tad bit more unique, I find a lot if inspiration in music. I have no musical talents or abilities but I really enjoy me some good tunes and it is a rare thing that I design or put anything together without some groove on! Different music creates different types of work for me and because I have gotten to know that about myself I know just what to put on while I work for each of my clients to maximize their style through my hands!

Hidden talent, gosh this is a hard one to answer. I tend to be a good comforter. I think it is more a gift than talent, I find it easy to help someone through a rough time and words of assurance and inspiration seem to flow when I am talking with a challenged friend or family member. And frankly I love to do it. When it comes to myself however, when challenge is upon me I struggle to get through. 


All photos courtesy Studio Stems

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

VWM Salt Lake Vendor: Jeanette Parker Design

We'd love to introduce you to Jeanette Parker Design!! She creates wonderful and whimsical accessories that you will LOVE!

How long have you been doing shows like Vintage Whites?  I started doing consignment boutiques in 2011.  Since then, I've been participating in shows.  Each show seemed to open a door to another show.  I absolutely LOVE to do shows which are in unique venues and settings.  Even better are the vendors I've met who are now friends.

What do you want our customers to know about you? I've lived in one county my whole life, but I love to travel {or think of travel!}  My husband is a poet and writer; we have three children, a dog named Lucky and a cat which recently adopted us.  My oldest two have picked up road biking, which I love to do.  My favorite past-times, in no particular order:  Textiles, browsing fabric stores for luscious fabric, sewing, crocheting, making boxes and grow boxes out of pallets, power tools (I would LOVE to own a planer and nail gun!), singing in a community choir, supporting my husband and children, growing heirloom tomatoes in the summer, and volunteering in the community.

What is your signature style?  I appreciate classic styling.  Audrey Hepburn's wardrobe is enough for me to swoon.

If you could have one vintage find, what would it be?  A vintage glider swing for my front patio

Show us your favorite Pin on Pinterest! Too many from which to choose!  But is one of my favorite boards!  Those folks ideas inspire me.

Are you offering specials at the market? I will be donating some fabric flowers and a scarf for the  giveaways

What inspires you?  Shopping at the Habitat ReStore in Orem is a quirky inspiration to me.  It is like DI/Goodwill for home builders and renovators.  When I'm at the gym, I watch HGTV.  I love to glean ideas from the renovations they do.

What is your hidden talent?  I make a mean batch of granola!

Come check out Jeanette and all of the great vendors at our market on March 9th at the Utah State Fairgrounds in Salt Lake City!! FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION HERE!

We have classes going on that day as well! (calligraphy by Melissa Esplin, interior styling, floral design, chromatography, and a class on CeCe Caldwell's chalk/clay paint!) SIGN UP FOR CLASSES HERE! The deadlines are approaching next week.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Meet C.G. Sparks

I've been following C.G. Sparks on Instagram for a while now, but it wasn't until last month that we got to check out their store. It's a warehouse FULL of inspiration! 

When I go to an antique store or market, I look for something unique among the things that I've seen every time, but at C.G. Sparks -- everything is unique. They have a lighting designer. They have amazing beds that were created by their own in-house designer. I can't wait for you to shop their booth at our market!!

Name of your booth: 
C.G. Sparks

Where else can we find you?

454 South 500 West  in Salt Lake City
@cgsparks on Instagram

What do you want our customers to know about you?
1. We provide Salt Lake City with a resource for both one-of-a-kind and small-run signature items that can be incorporated into as many aesthetic styles as they can be used for functions of utility. 

2. We offer antique furniture, a line of new furniture hand-crafted from reclaimed materials, and antique oddities and accent pieces. Most of our antique pieces range from 70 to 250-years-old ad are hand-picked in India.

What is your 'signature style'? 
Apart from "awesome," we don't really have a signature style. Our products encompass a range of styles, from Industrial to Organic Modern, and both pre-and-post-Colonial Indian to the Arts and Crafts movement.  

What are your words to live by?
Live beautifully. Let your curation of the space in which you live, work or play create a conversation about who you are.

If you could have one vintage find, what would it be?
The one we regret not buying--there have been numerous that still visit us in our dreams. 

What inspires you?
How a space, and how it's decorated, can communicate so much about the person who lives, works or plays in it. 

Are you offering anything special at the market, like prizes for the first few people or any special deals?
Really good deals, and probably a chance to win a raffle prize for anyone who buys something. 

Make sure to visit them at our market in Salt Lake on March 9th! Let us know you're coming... HERE!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Salt Lake VWM Teacher Spotlight: Melissa Esplin

On March 9th, we'll be hosting a market in Salt Lake City, Utah! This will be our first outside of Montana, and we really want to make it special. We've partnered with some amazing teachers to offer classes that you won't want to miss.

In addition to shopping the best vendors from Utah, Montana, Idaho, and Washington, join us for a class!  We're offering calligraphy by Melissa Esplin, a class on creating curated displays in the home by Gather & Hunt, a floral design class by Studio Stems, a class on using CeCe Caldwell's chalk and clay paint, and a chromatography class by Bear Cave Studios! All of these classes are hands-on, and you will be CREATING and TAKING HOME some amazing finished pieces. All of our tickets include supplies, and are set at times that do not interfere with great shopping or our fashion show with Ruche! If you'd like more information on the classes and their cost, click HERE. 

I'm sure most of you have heard of or seen Melissa Esplin's amazing blog, I Still Love You. If you haven't, you've probably seen her calligraphy skills all over Pinterest! We're so excited to have her teaching a calligraphy class at our market! At an amazing price of $60 for a TWO-HOUR session (including supplies!), you should sign up now. The class is getting close to full, and you don't want to miss out! 

Let's get to know Melissa a little bit!!

How long have you been teaching calligraphy? I've been teaching calligraphy for the last 4 years. And I've loved every minute of it!

What do you want your students to know about you? I'm a lover of all things artistic and creative. It may come off as being a little all-over-the-place, but I just love creative things!

What is your signature style? Not sure what my style is. I'd say it's a mixture of hard and soft. I love mixing tribal and floral patterns and motifs!

If you could have one vintage find, what would it be? I have been trying to find a full-length vintage mirror for years. I want something ornate, gigantic and breath-taking.

Do you have a favorite pin on Pinterest? I'm a huge fan of the work of Ashley Goldberg. I want to wear all of her prints!

What is your hidden talent? Hidden talent? I don't know. I have a knack for estimating space and remembering colors. All too often I find myself without a measuring tape and a color swatch, but I tend to get my guesses right every time!

Check out more of Melissa's blog HERE, and remember...if you'd like to take Melissa's class in Salt Lake, click HERE!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

VWM Salt Lake Vendor Spotlight: AJ Jewelry

We are nearing the 9th of March, our first show in Salt Lake City, UT -- we couldn't be more excited!! We have brought in some GREAT vendors from Utah, Montana, Washington, and Idaho! I guess we can't really wait to show you what they're all about and give you some fun information about them, so we're starting vendor spotlights! Today's spotlight is on 

How long have you been doing shows? Over 7 years

What do you want our customers to know about you?  I am very passionate about creating things that people love. I firmly believe that everything deserves a second chance to be loved and cherished!   Being able to recycle and created a lovely piece out of items many people see as worn out, outdated, or just "junk" is very rewarding.

What is your 'signature style'? My style is a little of everything, I would call it eclectic.   Right now it is more focus on vintage, Victorian, steampunk and a little whimsical.
If you could have one vintage find, what would it be?  A mailroom sorter.  I love little cubbyholes!  Think of all the things (in my case tools!) you could put in them!

Jaime's favorite pin on Pinterest: 

Are you offering anything special at the market, like prizes for the first few people or any special deals?  Free Pair of vintage inspired flower earrings with a purchase of $30 or more.

What inspires you? I let my world inspire me.  I am always looking and seeing new ideas from color schemes (amazing what messing children's rooms can inspire if you look past the mess), how to put things together, to new techniques I can add to my jewelry knowledge.    

What is your hidden talent? Being able to see the beauty in something and then turning it into what I see.  

Check out more of Jaime's jewelry online HERE! 

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Dash & Albert Fair Isle Rosemary/Ink Cotton Woven Rug

I live in a house with two adorable dogs and an even more adorable husband who comes home with mud on his boots at least four times a week. When I look for a good rug, it has to be durable. Of course, I also need something stylish, and quite often I can't find a rug to meet those needs. Enter Dash & Albert and their amazingly durable, adorable, pet-friendly rugs.

Dash & Albert was generous enough to send me their new Fair Isle Rosemary/Ink Cotton Woven rug, and I'm in love with it! The hand-loomed weave is lightweight and extremely flexible, right out of the packaging. It looks expensive, but it's very affordable at $114 for this 4x6 size. 

I have a very eclectic style, not really sticking to any theme...and I need a rug that fits! The rosemary & ink coloring matches the tones I have in the living room right now, and will be perfect if I need to move it around to different rooms. It would be very sweet in a little boys room or a dining room! I might go with the bigger size if I decide to do that. We've got a giant farmhouse table that calls for a giant rug. It's just perfect for the living room, though! 

I love that their website comes with this disclaimer, too.

"Due to the handmade quality of our rugs, they may vary slightly in size and/or color."

I'm here to vouch for the awesome handmade quality. This rug is soft, solid, durable, and so flexible!!

Like I said before, I have dogs, so our rugs have to be cleaned pretty regularly. I'll be honest, in the past we've just had cheap Ikea or Walmart rugs that I run a vacuum over and hope that it doesn't ruin the rug. They're always too heavy to pick up and shake out. 

To clean my Dash & Albert rug, I just pick it up (with one hand) and take it out to the backyard to shake it. So that's what cleaning a rug is supposed to be like...

The first day I took it out of the packaging, I laid it on the floor and our puppy (who STILL doesn't have a name...) came and plopped right down!! This is just a picture from my phone, but I had to post. 

In regards to the puppy, if any of you have a great name idea, leave it in the comments! Dash might be a great name ;)

I'm completely happy with my Dash & Albert Rosemary/Ink Cotton Woven Rug, and I'll definitely be buying more as we move out of our house in Wyoming and head towards Colorado! 

Vanessa's husband bought her the Swedish Stripe rug, and I had her snap a couple of pictures, and give an overall opinion. Here's her reaction:

"I've loved Dash & Albert rugs for a long time. The simple lines compliment my florals and curvy lines in my furniture."

"I LOVE MY RUG! It's so clean looking, and it was just what I imagined it to be. When I got it, it rolled out nicely and had no flaws. I can't wait to purchase some small D&A rugs for my kitchen!"

If you haven't entered our giveaway, Dash & Albert is also generously providing a rug for our winner! The same gorgeous Fair Isle rug we've reviewed today. To enter, check out this blog post: - we've got SEVERAL ways to enter, and you still have three days to do so! Here are some of the other great prizes that our sponsors are throwing in.

Don't waste any time entering, the giveaway ends on February 10th at 11 PM! 

To purchase the rug we reviewed today, click HERE

To view Dash & Albert's Facebook page, click HERE

Do you have a Dash & Albert rug in your home? Which one? Do you love it? 

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