Saturday, February 16, 2013

Meet C.G. Sparks

I've been following C.G. Sparks on Instagram for a while now, but it wasn't until last month that we got to check out their store. It's a warehouse FULL of inspiration! 

When I go to an antique store or market, I look for something unique among the things that I've seen every time, but at C.G. Sparks -- everything is unique. They have a lighting designer. They have amazing beds that were created by their own in-house designer. I can't wait for you to shop their booth at our market!!

Name of your booth: 
C.G. Sparks

Where else can we find you?

454 South 500 West  in Salt Lake City
@cgsparks on Instagram

What do you want our customers to know about you?
1. We provide Salt Lake City with a resource for both one-of-a-kind and small-run signature items that can be incorporated into as many aesthetic styles as they can be used for functions of utility. 

2. We offer antique furniture, a line of new furniture hand-crafted from reclaimed materials, and antique oddities and accent pieces. Most of our antique pieces range from 70 to 250-years-old ad are hand-picked in India.

What is your 'signature style'? 
Apart from "awesome," we don't really have a signature style. Our products encompass a range of styles, from Industrial to Organic Modern, and both pre-and-post-Colonial Indian to the Arts and Crafts movement.  

What are your words to live by?
Live beautifully. Let your curation of the space in which you live, work or play create a conversation about who you are.

If you could have one vintage find, what would it be?
The one we regret not buying--there have been numerous that still visit us in our dreams. 

What inspires you?
How a space, and how it's decorated, can communicate so much about the person who lives, works or plays in it. 

Are you offering anything special at the market, like prizes for the first few people or any special deals?
Really good deals, and probably a chance to win a raffle prize for anyone who buys something. 

Make sure to visit them at our market in Salt Lake on March 9th! Let us know you're coming... HERE!

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