Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Dash & Albert Fair Isle Rosemary/Ink Cotton Woven Rug

I live in a house with two adorable dogs and an even more adorable husband who comes home with mud on his boots at least four times a week. When I look for a good rug, it has to be durable. Of course, I also need something stylish, and quite often I can't find a rug to meet those needs. Enter Dash & Albert and their amazingly durable, adorable, pet-friendly rugs.

Dash & Albert was generous enough to send me their new Fair Isle Rosemary/Ink Cotton Woven rug, and I'm in love with it! The hand-loomed weave is lightweight and extremely flexible, right out of the packaging. It looks expensive, but it's very affordable at $114 for this 4x6 size. 

I have a very eclectic style, not really sticking to any theme...and I need a rug that fits! The rosemary & ink coloring matches the tones I have in the living room right now, and will be perfect if I need to move it around to different rooms. It would be very sweet in a little boys room or a dining room! I might go with the bigger size if I decide to do that. We've got a giant farmhouse table that calls for a giant rug. It's just perfect for the living room, though! 

I love that their website comes with this disclaimer, too.

"Due to the handmade quality of our rugs, they may vary slightly in size and/or color."

I'm here to vouch for the awesome handmade quality. This rug is soft, solid, durable, and so flexible!!

Like I said before, I have dogs, so our rugs have to be cleaned pretty regularly. I'll be honest, in the past we've just had cheap Ikea or Walmart rugs that I run a vacuum over and hope that it doesn't ruin the rug. They're always too heavy to pick up and shake out. 

To clean my Dash & Albert rug, I just pick it up (with one hand) and take it out to the backyard to shake it. So that's what cleaning a rug is supposed to be like...

The first day I took it out of the packaging, I laid it on the floor and our puppy (who STILL doesn't have a name...) came and plopped right down!! This is just a picture from my phone, but I had to post. 

In regards to the puppy, if any of you have a great name idea, leave it in the comments! Dash might be a great name ;)

I'm completely happy with my Dash & Albert Rosemary/Ink Cotton Woven Rug, and I'll definitely be buying more as we move out of our house in Wyoming and head towards Colorado! 

Vanessa's husband bought her the Swedish Stripe rug, and I had her snap a couple of pictures, and give an overall opinion. Here's her reaction:

"I've loved Dash & Albert rugs for a long time. The simple lines compliment my florals and curvy lines in my furniture."

"I LOVE MY RUG! It's so clean looking, and it was just what I imagined it to be. When I got it, it rolled out nicely and had no flaws. I can't wait to purchase some small D&A rugs for my kitchen!"

If you haven't entered our giveaway, Dash & Albert is also generously providing a rug for our winner! The same gorgeous Fair Isle rug we've reviewed today. To enter, check out this blog post: - we've got SEVERAL ways to enter, and you still have three days to do so! Here are some of the other great prizes that our sponsors are throwing in.

Don't waste any time entering, the giveaway ends on February 10th at 11 PM! 

To purchase the rug we reviewed today, click HERE

To view Dash & Albert's Facebook page, click HERE

Do you have a Dash & Albert rug in your home? Which one? Do you love it? 

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  2. I am looking at the Fair Isle rug to purchase as an alternative to a wool rug I currently have. How soft is it? I want to replace my wool rug because it's too scratchy for my kiddo to roll around on... would you let your baby rub his face all over the rug? Thanks! (I've tried reaching out to the company, but have yet to hear back...)

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