Tuesday, February 12, 2013

VWM Salt Lake Vendor Spotlight: AJ Jewelry

We are nearing the 9th of March, our first show in Salt Lake City, UT -- we couldn't be more excited!! We have brought in some GREAT vendors from Utah, Montana, Washington, and Idaho! I guess we can't really wait to show you what they're all about and give you some fun information about them, so we're starting vendor spotlights! Today's spotlight is on 

How long have you been doing shows? Over 7 years

What do you want our customers to know about you?  I am very passionate about creating things that people love. I firmly believe that everything deserves a second chance to be loved and cherished!   Being able to recycle and created a lovely piece out of items many people see as worn out, outdated, or just "junk" is very rewarding.

What is your 'signature style'? My style is a little of everything, I would call it eclectic.   Right now it is more focus on vintage, Victorian, steampunk and a little whimsical.
If you could have one vintage find, what would it be?  A mailroom sorter.  I love little cubbyholes!  Think of all the things (in my case tools!) you could put in them!

Jaime's favorite pin on Pinterest: 

Are you offering anything special at the market, like prizes for the first few people or any special deals?  Free Pair of vintage inspired flower earrings with a purchase of $30 or more.

What inspires you? I let my world inspire me.  I am always looking and seeing new ideas from color schemes (amazing what messing children's rooms can inspire if you look past the mess), how to put things together, to new techniques I can add to my jewelry knowledge.    

What is your hidden talent? Being able to see the beauty in something and then turning it into what I see.  

Check out more of Jaime's jewelry online HERE! 

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