Monday, March 25, 2013

Inspiration: A Simple Floral Crown

Though I broken heartily did not get to join in the glorious hoopla that was the first annual VWM Salt Lake City, I did have the honor of collaborating with the lovely and talented Meghan Koshatka of MDK Photography. While we sat at my kitchen table discussing lighting and location for the next mornings photo shoot, (more exciting details to come) we stumbled into a discussion on how gorgeous all of the floral crowns are that we have seen lately. With the Montana sun quickly falling away, I gathered the what was left of my dining centerpiece and created a touch of spring even on the chilliest of March evenings.

It comes with much joy to share with you Meghan's unadulterated eye for light, and her ability to seek beauty in even the simplest frame.

For a great tutorial on creating your own floral crown, please click HERE or see our previous post HERE.

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