Friday, April 19, 2013

Vanessa's Home Renovation: Part One

Tada!! We bought an old house in the historical district of Kalispell, Montana! It's a long story, but here's a quick outline with the details. In the coming weeks, we'll be highlighting the progress on the house and revealing the final AFTER photos!! We are so excited that you're here to follow along with us!

- We needed a yard for our 2 kids, and another bedroom before we decide to go for a third :)

- Nothing on the market that we were interested in :(

- Looked into buying and moving an old abandoned house that we were in love with :)

- Found amazing property to move house onto :)

- Started getting quotes and talking with the bank

- Found out property had just sold :(

- Didn't find any other pieces of land we liked :(

- Found a cool old house just listed in AMAZING downtown location : l

- Showed house to husband and he was VERY interested : l

- Keeping options open since that property and potential house move was not looking like God's plan :)

- Looked at house : l

- Brainstormed ways to make it a dream home :)

- Drew these plans out for my husband :)

- Prayed

- Much less work than moving a house, could make into a dream home, great deal, great investment, great location...

- Offer :)

- Great counter offer :D

- 2 months of (plenty of) hoops to jump through, and potential hang ups (signs that it isn't the right move) : l

- Miraculously and almost humorously, everything falls into place with no issues :D

- SOLD! :D

All of my dreams in life have come true, and I have always had great faith that God has THE BEST plans for me. He has blessed me more than I ever thought possible! When my plans for moving and restoring "my dream house" hit a road block, I thought "God might have something even better for us down another road". I figured that God knew how to make us happiest since He's never let me down before. I wasn't even that disappointed when I found out my "dream property" had sold. 

We were not very emotional about this house in town, which I hear is very important. So I knew we weren't being reckless  We were using common sense and faith, and even after we made an offer I knew there were still plenty of ways that God could "save" us if this was not the right move for us. Well, in the end even the realtor said we were the only ones of all his clients that had smooth sailing through the whole process. He said "God must really want you guys to have this house." Yep!

So the outside is gorgeous right?? Well don't be fooled. This is a total renovation project! Stay tuned to see why we got this gorgeous house in this amazing location for such a good deal!!

Have questions about the house? About the move? Ask us in the comment section!!

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  1. So so happy for you Vanessa! And I know exactly where this house is! I have walked by it many many times as I walked along day dreaming in my favorite neighborhood. Can't wait to see your progress! Welcome home!!

    1. Do you live in the area?? You should stop in someday. I'd love to see you.

  2. Congratulations!! What a beautiful home and a wonderful story. Love your faith and can't wait to follow your journey with your new home.

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer. We are very blessed with this home. It's going to keep us very busy for quite awhile.

  3. This is my dream! I would love to live in a house in such an area. Unfortunately here in Lehi Utah, most of the houses that I would LOVE to live in are about 200k out of our price range :)

    GORGEOUS house!!!!

    1. Thanks Heather. We are in a great neighborhood. But the house is quite a piece of work which is why we were able to afford it.

  4. This is a beautiful home and I love the color of the exterior. I have old home love and can't wait to see your dreams become reality. I love how the two of your trusted God and let Him lead you.

    1. Thank you, Lynn. I was so certain the first house was meant to be ours, but I was confident God would lead us to our dream home. But it's far from a dream at right now.

  5. Such a pretty home! Absolutely love the style!

    1. Thank you, Cassidy. Not what I always envisioned as my dream house, but now I'm convinced it's perfect for us right now.

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  7. Lovely house. We did exactly the same - buy a house a house in a nice neighborhood that required some (a lot!) of rennovations. Good luck!

  8. Wow, what a beautiful house, it looks perfect in the snow and i'm sure come the autumn it will look fantastic with all of the colours in the tree infront of the house, good luck with all of the work!

  9. Oh my heart, Vanessa, it's SO beautiful, and I can't wait to see what it will be when you've put your loving touches into it! You are living a dream that so many of us would love to have, it'll be fun to go along for the ride with you. hugs, caThiE

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