Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vanessa's Home Renovation: Part Three

I found a few more pictures of the strange things that were in our house before we took them out, and I thought I would share them with you. If you haven't been following along, we're renovating an amazing old house in the historic district of Kalispell, Montana!

 You can catch Part One and Part Two by clicking the links! 

Here is the cabinet and little loft bed. This entire thing is coming out in the demolition process, including the wall it's attached to. 

This is that strange box I was telling you about. Any ideas what it was used for? Oh, check out this lovely artwork in our sunroom....

Oh so lovely!

When we started working on the wiring in the house, my father-in-law found exposed wiring just lying in water! We were amazed the house had not been burned to the ground. Well thank goodness for my father-in-law, because we are able to re-wire the house at very little expense. 

Ok...here's the entrance. My husband is about to knock out a doorway that will lead into the sitting and dining room on the left side of the house. 

My son thoroughly enjoyed hammering into every surface in the demolition stage. As we've been renovating, the surfaces that he's allowed to hammer on have dwindled. Poor guy. This is where we put up a wall to separate 2 upstairs bedrooms. 

The next post on our house project will maybe give you hope. I know it will be awhile before any "pretty" posts, but please be patient...they will come!! 
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  1. Thanks for posting that bookcase box. My guess is that it was someone's version of a window seat. I would have knocked it out too. Seems it blocked a lot of light which should have been coming in through that window.

  2. So fun!! I only say that because I didn't get a bit of "gross" on me while the demo happened!! It will be an amazing house!

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  4. What a great house! I'm sure it will be beautiful when you are finished. Hope to see it when I'm in Montana this summer!!

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