Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vanessa's Home Renovation: Part Four

We were so excited as we were tearing up carpet to find hard wood EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately, there were some spots that were too rotten and had to be replaced. So the entire left side (kitchen, dining and sitting room) got new wood floors. I was very nervous about how we would pay for it, but we sold all the cabinets from the kitchen and that gave us a nice chunk to work with. 

So here it is! All nice, new wood and even some primed walls. It was starting to get exciting at this point. My husband bought the same wood to match the old wood on the other side of the house.

Here's the kitchen...gutted and primed. For the kitchen, we purchased the least expensive wood since my plans are to paint it. I MUST have my kitchen sink under a window, so that will go to the left there (where it was originally). But I want the fridge to sort of hide behind the wall to the left instead of right by that green door where it was previously. That back wall will eventually have a couple windows looking into the backyard. Right now there is an old carriage house attached there, but I HAVE to be able to easily see into the I just want MORE WINDOWS!

Here is the "right side" of the house. The wall is gone and now we have our "Great Room". How funny it looks right now!

We REALLY wanted to have a professional come in and sand and stain all the hardwood. That made me nervous as well. Wasn't sure how we were going to pay for that, but somehow, God provided us with enough money and we found a guy that we LOVED to do the floors for us. So while Jana and my mom and I are away doing our first market in Salt Lake City... husband sends me text pictures. Which one??

There was a big surprise waiting for me when I got home from SLC....the most beautiful floors ever!!

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  1. hehehe...the slc picture I can see myself having a yummy drink at the table. I so loved the sale and can not wait for it to come again. I am in love with your house so fun to see the progress.

  2. Get it done!! You are a lucky girl....

  3. You're so lucky your hubby is so handy. It's looking great!

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