Saturday, June 1, 2013

Vanessa's Home Renovation: Part Five

I'm sure you're all waiting to see pictures of something DONE in our house. Well, today I can share with you a couple of our "mostly done" projects!


Before we ever even made an offer on the house, I found this HUGE lower cupboard up in Columbia Falls at The Shops at Station 8. Of course I don't have to tell you why I liked them so much...look at that AMAZING COLOR!

Since I'm on a tight budget, I had planned to purchase several old cupboard pieces from another gal I know. Well, I couldn't find as many cupboards as I needed, so I went back to Station 8 and made an offer on this beauty. 

Of course when it came time for my husband to load them and haul them to our house, we realized what a project they would be. My husband (and maybe myself as well) needed some....reassurance that we didn't just make a huge mistake.

We didn't buy this house because of what it IS...we bought it because of what it CAN BE with hard work. 

If the house was already amazing, we would not have been able to afford it. I knew that there definitely wasn't a cheaper option for cabinets that would look so amazing in the end. So, they went to work on my new (old) cupboards!


Years ago I picked up a wall hung kitchen sink from a garage sale. I was always saving it for my dream house. 

I explained to my hubby how I wanted it to look and he went to work. Although I had some amazing old table legs, they weren't tall enough for the sink so we found these legs at Lowe's.

I knew faucets were expensive, so we found this one on ebay for $50. And I love this faucet! We cleaned up the sink and it just SHINED! My heart was set on a wall-mounted sink with a drainboard...under a window, and it couldn't have turned out more perfect! 


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