Thursday, December 5, 2013

4 Ways to Hang Stockings Without a Mantel

Christmas is the BEST time to have a mantel, in my opinion. This year, I don't have one, and I was trying to think of ways to hang stockings without one!! Tali Wee of Zillow is on the blog today to give us some good ideas!!

The decorative woodwork surrounding a fireplace is widely accepted as the perfect location to hang holiday stockings. Mantels provide focal points in homes to display homeowners’ artistic designs and themes. They serve as ideal structures for holiday boughs, candles and festive stockings. Plus, what better location for Santa to fill the stockings? 

But don’t let the lack of a mantel spoil the holiday cheer; simply create a new tradition with one of these four methods.

1. Mount 

Invest in a few theme-appropriate coat or towel hooks. Attach the hooks to a prominent wall to hang the family’s stockings. Mount hooks to create a gallery wall of stockings, or fasten them along the sides of an archway or room partition. Or, avoid making too many nail holes by mounting just two hooks. Buy a festive strand of rope or ribbon and string the stockings. Then, attach either end to the hooks. The sweeping design is sure to draw attention. 

{ Gorgeous photo + stockings available through Roddy & Ginger on Etsy! }

2. Tie

Holiday ribbon is available by the truckload throughout the season, so purchase a roll to tie stockings to fixtures in the home. Stairwells make a great structure to create a focal point of cascading stockings. Simply thread the ribbon through the loop on the stocking and tie it around the stair handrail. The balusters or spindles along the rail keep the stockings in place. Use the ribbon to tie seasonal bows. For more rustic styles, opt for country rope or strips of burlap. Another location for stockings is tied to the backs of chairs. This look is perfect for holiday dinner parties.

{ Photo from Julia's White Dreams...such a gorgeous blog! }

3. Weight 

Don’t forgo popularized stocking weights just because there isn’t a mantel! Incorporate stylized stocking weights by placing them on bookshelves or entertainment centers. Many living rooms contain floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or single shelves mounted on the walls containing plants, candles, books or other trinkets. Replace the keepsakes with a holiday-themed design of boughs and intricate stocking weights. Hang the stockings from the weights to create festive warmth in the room.

{ Love this idea from Love of Family and Home! }

4. Hang 

Not interested in buying ribbons, ropes, weights or hooks? Not to worry, most homes have plenty of natural hooks to hang holiday stockings. The first simple hook to consider is the lock on a window. Locks are typically on the top rail of the lower sash of a window providing a secure hook for hanging stockings perfectly centered. Next, consider hanging up coats in a closet to clear a coatrack for hanging stockings. Coatracks make an evenly spaced and level foundation for stockings. Alternatively, turn to dressers, cabinets or armoires to hang stockings from the pulls and knobs.

{ Creative idea using architectural salvage from Artsy Mama! }

Where there is holiday merriment, there is a way to include stockings. Try out any of the detailed solutions for this year’s festivities. Next year, consider installing a wood mantel, fireplace or not. Or, look for a new home with a fireplace and mantel for holidays to come. 

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