Monday, December 30, 2013

A New Years Party

Last year I held a small New Years party, and didn't blog it!! I think it's time you saw the pictures. Most everything I used was from the house, and I had cakes baked in mason jars so I didn't even have to cook! Wine and cake. That's all you need!!

I used a simple craft paper table runner, dollar store confetti and noisemakers, and some clear Christmas ornaments to emulate champagne bubbles!! (Which isn't the first time I've done that. Three years ago, I styled a wine bar for New Years with a friend of mine, and we made a champagne bubble chandelier!! You may have seen it on turned out so fun!!)

I put sparklers in our cakes, and hindsight....I shouldn't have lit them before we ate. haha! We had to dump the ashes off the top of the cake.....but they were STILL SO GOOD!! There's a link to a NEW YEARS PLAYLIST at the bottom of this post...just in case you need a little musical inspiration while you celebrate!! 

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  1. Love the "champagne bubbles"!! The whole tablescape is so festive!


  2. party animals and ornament bubbles...great!