Monday, December 2, 2013

Vanessa's Home Renovation: Living Room Before & After!

First of all, let me apologize for not posting these pictures sooner! It has taken me this long to furnish and decorate the room! So, thank you for being patient. As you can see, the previous owners were not afraid of color!

This room was originally two very small, completely closed off rooms. One of the rooms had a bunk bed and the built-in cabinet. I knew this room HAD to be a living room because of the big picture window facing the street! THIS is where the Christmas tree must go! The room was too small on it's own, so we knocked out the wall and joined the two rooms. 

Ta-da! Welcome to the formal living room! It took awhile, but I finally got this room to the point where I love it. The good news is we got to keep the original hardwood floors, which ended up being one of the only things we hired out for. The refinished floors turned out amazing! 

This room does not get a lot of light, so I painted it much lighter than the kitchen and dining room. The picture window will eventually get replaced because although the original window is great, the colors just aren't right for me. 

I made the curtains just recently out of muslin because I had a hard time finding curtains that were long enough for this room. I knew I wanted something tall and amazing to go on either side of the picture window to balance out my "clutterful" decorating and to give a bit of symmetry.  I figured it might be awhile before I find a pair of tall, beautiful French shutters, (that I can afford anyway) but I just found these tall windows the other day! Perfect!!

Now that I have this room done...we can really start on the fun stuff -- Christmas gorgeousness!! 
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  1. Gorgeous! I would see what the options are for the stained glass window. Maybe you can use glass paint on the yellow to change the color? If it's in good shape, original is always best!

  2. Vanessa! You have such an incredible style. I have always been drawn to the items you sell, and love love love your blog...pretty sure that I pin everything! I was wondering if you have ever considered teaching your methods for re-upholstering furniture. I would really love to learn! Did not know how else to contact you! Thanks! Grace at

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