Monday, February 24, 2014

Family Photos with Marianne Wiest Photography

During Christmas time we had family in town and we thought it would be a great time for some family photos. One of our go-to photographers is Marianne Wiest ( She is SO great with people and especially kids. She even puts my husband at ease. Her photos have such a vintage feel too that I love!

Instead of doing photos out in the snow, I thought it would be sweet to do photos just in our house, very casual and low key. 

So here are some of the photos from the shoot. 

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Vanessa's Home Renovation - Girl's Bedroom Reveal

When Eli's room was finished, my two-year-old got her very own room.  This is the ONLY room in the house that we didn't have to renovate. Just threw some paint on the walls and it was good. 

This is the only bedroom in the house with closets, and boy, do I love these floor-to-ceiling closets. This bead board wall is one of the things I loved most about the house when we first looked at it. (Of course, there wasn't much to love at all at that time). 

This is the bigger of the 2 kids bedrooms and since I was pregnant with another girl, this room became the girls' room. It will just barely fit two twin beds but it will work. I wanted this room to be a little on the boho side. Of course since I love very light, soft colors it wasn't going to be too bohemian. But I wanted to mix floral patterns and vintage laces for a romantic look. 

Eventually our little one will move in with Eloise and I'm looking forward to doing more pattern-mixing with Esme's crib bedding. And hopefully...some wallpaper someday.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vanessa's Home Renovation: Boys Bedroom Reveal!

From a kitchen to a little boy's bedroom, that's the transformation that took place. When the house was divided into a 3 apartments, this was the upstairs kitchen. It was also open to what is now the master bedroom. So we gutted it and put up a wall to make it my boy's bedroom. 

Hubby laid a wood floor and we painted it white. Of course my husband didn't think a white floor in a boy's bedroom was very manly. But I do love white wood floors and especially in bedrooms. I knew with the right rug (and of course my rustic pieces) it would not look too feminine. 

The tent over Eli's bed was made from drop cloth and rope I purchased at Lowes! Love how it turned out.

I wanted the walls to be grey, however since his dresser and so much of his little pieces are warmer tones I wanted the grey to be a warm tone as well. I found the color but it was a bit too dark so I had the man mix it at 50%. It was another one of those times when I just picked out a swatch cold at Lowes and committed to it and....I LOVE IT! I think it looks great with the rug I bought at Urban Outfitters! I wish I could tell you the color, but of course I lost the swatch, the paint can is gone and we did not have a 'My Lowes' card. Many regrets!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Meet Annie Mertlich

We're highlighting Annie Mertlich on the blog today! Annie joined us this year, and we are SO LUCKY to have her! She's working on some chalkboards for us for the market, and has done several graphics for us this year as well. Here is a little interview we did with Annie...hope you enjoy!!


What inspires your art?

My goodness, there are so many things! Of course nature is a huge inspiration to me, I just love me a good flower (if you couldn't' tell!) I am always getting caught up in the beauty of the earth. When my husband and I are out for a walk or a bike ride I stop and oohh and awe at some beautiful rose, or funky bush and my husband just laughs and keeps walking because it literally happens about 3 times a block! (maybe that's why we have such short walks?) Both my mother and my mother-in-law are artists and they have both taught me so much about finding beauty and they are both such an inspiration! Lastly I would say different cultures, it's so inspiring to see how different regions of the world interpret the same subject matter in such diverse and beautiful ways!

Do you have an online store?

Coming March 2014!

Do you do custom work?

I LOVE doing custom work, it's always fun to take on a new challenge and meet new people!

Did you teach yourself to hand-letter?!

I sure did! Or I should say all of my painfully boring generals in college taught me how to hand letter, that's really where it all started, I would spend much more time decorating my notebook with all sorts of random words that I would occasionally pick up from the lecture than actually taking notes in it! It's really a miracle I graduated!

What are your favorite blogs?

Gosh there are so many!
For Design:, Bri has such a clean and bold approach to design and serious style! She is also hilarious and very honest in her posts which I love!

For Travel: I absolutely love this blog because I spend (too many) hours planning future travel destinations and all the lovely things in the world I could see and I just love all the travel photos on this blog, and I just love Hearth Magazine, so of course I love their blog!

Lifestyle: Love Taza. Her kids are adorable and I love NYC!

What will you be selling at the Vintage Whites Market in Salt Lake City? (March 8th from 10-5 at the Utah State Fairpark!)

I will be selling prints, embroidered portraits, greeting cards/social stationary, vintage ephemera, paper flowers, letterpressed goods! Lots of gold and lots of flowers!! (My house is currently covered in both!)

What's your favorite piece that you've done?

Hmm...this is tough because I feel like my style is always changing, but consistently my favorite piece that I have ever done is the first embroidered portrait I ever did, I LOVE doing anything very hands on, and I already paint all the time so it's nice to do something else that is very hands on! I have been working on continuing the series for quite some time and I am excited to have these at the VWM!

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