Friday, February 21, 2014

Vanessa's Home Renovation - Girl's Bedroom Reveal

When Eli's room was finished, my two-year-old got her very own room.  This is the ONLY room in the house that we didn't have to renovate. Just threw some paint on the walls and it was good. 

This is the only bedroom in the house with closets, and boy, do I love these floor-to-ceiling closets. This bead board wall is one of the things I loved most about the house when we first looked at it. (Of course, there wasn't much to love at all at that time). 

This is the bigger of the 2 kids bedrooms and since I was pregnant with another girl, this room became the girls' room. It will just barely fit two twin beds but it will work. I wanted this room to be a little on the boho side. Of course since I love very light, soft colors it wasn't going to be too bohemian. But I wanted to mix floral patterns and vintage laces for a romantic look. 

Eventually our little one will move in with Eloise and I'm looking forward to doing more pattern-mixing with Esme's crib bedding. And hopefully...some wallpaper someday.

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  1. Such a cute room! I love the vintage aspect. Well done!

  2. Thank you so much! We're still working on it all.

  3. Thanks for letting me in on your paint color of the cabinet. Did u apply a tented glaze to the piece after u painted it

  4. Lovely! I have just recently found your blog....beautiful! I am enjoying going through the posts and happily pinning along the way.