Monday, March 31, 2014

Vanessa's Home Renovation: A Year of Renovations Under $10K

On February 2nd, 2013, we signed papers for this historical beauty set in the nicest old neighborhood in town. It still amazes me that the deal went through. It was an incredible "God thing" if there ever was one. Read the story by clicking HERE

We had 45 days to work on it till we moved in, and about three or four thousand dollars to use. Our goal was to get the kitchen and main level bathroom done by move-in.

Here's what we had to work with:

 Well the kitchen and bathroom (sorry, no before or after pics YET!) were done by the time we had to move in. We also had the floors professionally refinished on the main level. It was the one thing we hired out for.

After one year and less than $10K, here is what we accomplished and how much we spent (Click the links to see the full post & reveal pictures!):

Kitchen: total $1200-1300
 New floors ($300)
 Cabinets taken out (+$1000)
 Sink($40) + faucet ($55)
 Cupboard ($500) + Galvanized sheet metal ($25)
 Shelf (materials $80)
 Stove (materials to fix $65)
 Light fixtures put in ($75)
 Painted walls and floors ($100)

Main Bathroom: $500 (Saving pics of these for a fun reveal post soon!)
 New Flooring ($75)
 Sheet rocked walls ($50)
 New plumbing ($150)
 Cupboard for Vanity ($45) + sink ($20) + faucet ($35)
 Light fixture ($40)
 Painted walls and floors ($70)

 Dining and Sitting Room: $1800-1900
 New wood flooring ($700)
 Stain floors ($1000)
 Painted walls ($65)
 Chandelier ($95)

Hallway/Stairs: $250-$300
 Knocked out wall for doorway
 Knocked out wall at top of steps
 New(old) railing at top of steps ($100)
 Took carpet off steps
 New wood flooring ($100)
 Stained floors
 Painted walls and steps ($65)

 Pulled up carpet
 Knocked out walls
 Restrained floors ($900)
 Patched walls ($200)
 Painted walls...twice ($150)
 Chandelier ($75)

 Replaced a doorway with a wall ($15)
 Restained floors ($100)
 Paint ($45)

 Put up wall between 2 bedrooms ($50)
 New wood floors ($300)
 New window ($110)
 Painted walls and floors ($50)

 Paint ($16)
 Chandelier ($25)

Master Bedroom: $16
 Paint ($16)

Upstairs Bath: $1000-$1100
 Gutted/tore out closet
 New wood floors ($100)
 Sheet rocked walls ($40)
 Plumbing + copper pipe ($250)
 Painted floors/walls ($100)
 Sink ($200) + faucet ($60)
 Tub faucet ($90) + adjusting parts ($40)
 Shower head ($65)
 Chandelier ($30)
 Light fixture ($40)

 Knocked out 3rd bathroom for laundry room
 New ceiling and light fixture in entry ($50)
 Re-wired most of the house ($500)

In one year we spent about $9000 in renovations. It was only possible because of my hard-working and super smart husband. He had no background in carpentry or plumbing or electrical, but learned just about everything from YouTube! We also had SO MUCH help from family! We both have hard-working and experienced fathers who did so much work on the house with us. God has truly blessed us!!

Here's what's left:
Laundry room
Entry way
Sun Room
Upstairs hallway
New windows
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  1. Absolutely charming! I adore your simple, vintage decorating style......can hardly wait for the rest!

  2. Beautiful home, full of charm and character! Very inspiring!

  3. Your home is absolutely wonderful!! It is so warm and welcoming, everything you did truly added so much character to the home - it is all just so lovely. I have been living in my home for almost 15 years & haven't come close to finishing even half of the remodeling projects I want to do - and here you have finished practically the entire house in a year - AMAZING!!!!! I just love your style - every room is so inviting.

  4. You've just given me hope for my $9k. Only, I don't have a year. I have two months to get it done! Please tell me how you get new wood flooring for only a few hundred bucks!! You're home is beautiful!

  5. This is so amazing and definitely gives me hope for when I one day buy a house!

  6. I could just look at these photos over and over. What a fabulous transformation. It is a magical house and you have totally brought out its' heart. Wonderful pieces, incredible light fixtures and just overall vintage beauty:-)

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  8. Wonderful!! wonderful !!

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  9. I have only just seen this particular page, and I think I wanna come and live in your house. Its perfect.