Monday, April 28, 2014

Exterior Makeover & Window Help!

Here is a current picture of our house. We're finally getting new windows to replace all the old ones. All the stained glass is going! (If any of you are interested, I'll be selling them at the next market I'm sure). So now is the question: What  do I replace them with?  

I tried to find a website where I could virtually change the windows on my house. I couldn't find anything that was letting me do what I wanted. So instead I uploaded a pic of the house to good ol' My Paintbrush. AMAZING! As you can see I've added shutters and drawn in the different style of windows I like. (Sorry for some of the not-so-straight lines). Now I need your thoughts. 

Here are some facts:
-We're ordering vinyl and can arrange the grids however we like in each window
-I love the look of LOTS of panes
-I love cute skinny windows
-I don't necessarily want them to all match the existing vinyl windows (the ones surrounding the sunroom in front)

I've looked around at the other historical homes in the area and so many of them do not have all matching windows and I love it! 

I can mix and match from each picture, so what windows work and what windows don't? GO!

In the empty top middle section I would put a leaded glass window.

Leave your vote in the comments! 
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  1. My farmhouse is 100 years old and only a few windows are original and match. Through the years when new rooms were added there seemed to be no thought of matching the originals, so some have little panes and some do not. When we had to replace windows on the second floor due to rot, we did replace them with new wood windows. Guess I'm saying that I like the mismatched look.

  2. Hey,
    Beautiful Pictures!!
    Its touching my imagination..Really Nice..
    Thanks for sharing:)

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  3. It would be great if you have your old photo of the house to compare. But love those windows of yours, are those vinyl? I read from a blog that vinyl window is the best energy efficient windows because of its big benefit of using them is the fact that they put money right back into your pocket via savings on heating and cooling costs.

    Great choice!