Thursday, May 1, 2014

Living Room Progress Report

Does anyone else have one of those rooms or just a spot that you keep changing and just can't ever seem to get it right? Well I was having this problem with my living room. Last week I posted pictures of it and asked for some help. Well there were so many helpful suggestions! The main consensus was to put a mirror above the mantel that reaches taller than my window sills and put crown molding up. Well we're looking into crown molding still but wanted to show you the changes I've made.

I moved some seating around, removed my rug and added the tall ladder. And remember this chalkboard?

Well I took the chalkboard out and replaced it with a mirror. I couldn't find a mirror large enough and had the perfect size frame, so it seemed the best option.

Well I am starting to LOVE this room! I think I'm becoming a minimalist! The more I take out, the more I like it. And I'm selling the cream hutch! (Anyone interested?) We're getting the piano that I grew up with, I'm painting it white and it will go right where the hutch is. Then I just need to find a larger scale lamp and I think then the room will be PERFECT!

So what do you think?

And if you want to head over to the previous post, I'd love your opinion on windows!
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  1. I love it even better than before! The differences in pieces with height (does that make sense?!?!) makes a big difference. I wish you lived closer, I need a new hutch!

  2. What a huge improvement! The scale is much better and I agree that having less makes everything left in the room stand out more. I'm so glad that you didn't take offense and realized everyone really wanted to help.

  3. I think your room is perfectly beautiful, before and after. It has a Scandinavian vibe, and I love that. I think the piano will be a wonderful addition. xoxo

  4. What are you asking for the cream hutch?

  5. Oh, I love love your living room! With or without the edit looks terrific...could I as you...Where did you get those curtains? Thank you! Leticia