Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our 2014 Summer Antique Show!

We are officially one month away from our first summer market of 2014. We couldn't be more excited!

Our excitement really started a couple of months ago when Annie from Wildfield Paper Co sent us our poster!! She had hand lettered over an illustration that Emma Block did for us. Both Annie and Emma have worked with us in the past, and we just love them to pieces!!

There are a few things you should know about our summer markets.

- They're outdoors, right by the shore of Flathead Lake in Somers, Montana

- We have awesome live music. Flannel Graph will be back this year, along with a new artist...Jenna Ellefson!

- If you're one of the first 30 in line, you'll get a prize!

- We'll be selling t-shirts this year! For those of you who wanted to order online, we are so sorry that they're not up yet. We have not decided if selling and shipping will be a possibility with everything Vanessa and I have going on, but we'll let you know SOON!

- WE WILL HAVE AMAZING FOOD! Joining us for July are: Saucy Dogs, Wrap & Roll, Simple Delights, and Sweet Notions!

- We'll have a super fun activity for kids. We're not telling what it is, but I think they'll enjoy it while you shop!

- TWO LINES THIS YEAR! Hopefully this will help move that early morning crowd through faster.

- Lots of new vendors along with our favorites!! You can view our featured vendors on our new website! 

 Here are some photos from our market last year, all taken by Kelli Trontel 

We just can't wait for the 5th! Are you coming?? RSVP on Facebook HERE and be kept in the loop! We do all sorts of exclusive giveaways for our attendees...hint hint. See you SOON!

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