Monday, November 3, 2014

Meet & Greet at Sunday Supply Co.!

Last Saturday, Vanessa and I hosted our first meet & greet in Fort Collins at Sunday Supply Co.! Sunday Supply is the cutest new boutique in town. They carry a wide assortment of clothing + home goods. I should really learn to leave my wallet at home when I go in! Maybe they'll start a tab for me soon? Here's hoping! haha. They carry brands from Imogene + Willie to The Object Enthusiast. I picked up copy of Darling Magazine the first day I stopped in...and was SO excited to see so many fun brands in Fort Collins! So excited about what these girls are doing. Here's a quote directly from their website about their name:

"Driven by a love for quality and intentional time with the people we care for most, Sunday Supply was named from memories of casual afternoons filled with good people and good conversation. Sundays are days to rest, reset, and effortlessly enjoy the company of those around us. We hope our shop will be just that - a place where a wellspring of friendships are made and daily living is continually refreshed and inspired."

You've hit the nail on the head, girls!!

We asked if they would be interested in us hosting a party at their store, and they agreed!! It's the start of a loooong and fun partnership. Jennifer Little was on hand to capture some great pictures so that Vanessa and I could mingle! It was a blast!!

We had a hot cocoa bar with all kinds of toppings. Mast Brothers dark chocolate chips were one of my favorites, along with the homemade marshmallows from the Fort Collins local Little Bird Bakeshop.

We are so thankful to our sponsors who provided amazing gift bags -- a post on those coming soon! JennaKoo and her amazing earrings were the talk of the party. Each guest got a fantastic tumbler from Kari Joy Hodgen, a beautiful print from Jennifer Little, and a discount to Sunday Supply! If you're interested in sponsoring our next meet & greet or gift bags at our market, please email us at

Check out the pictures, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be updated on our next meet & greet!! Rumor has it that we'll be in Denver later this month!!

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