Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How To Decorate a Christmas Tree

For me, putting up our Christmas tree and decorating it is the highlight of my year! I plan out sometimes a year in advance how I'm going to decorate it...what colors I'm going to use, how I will wrap the presents, etc. And even though I have decorated many trees over the years, I still forget each year what order and I should be putting certain decorations on. So here is my guide to decorating a Christmas tree!

Most of you may like very full Christmas trees, in which case some of my techniques to decorating a tree my not work quite as very well for you. But I like unique trees...imperfect trees...trees cut down from the forest. And that's what we do every year, we cut a tree from the woods. This is tricky because most the trees in the woods look very bare and scraggly. But it's ok for the tree to be very thin because you fill it with lights, garland and ornaments. But each year when we cut down the tree we finally choose, we end up feeling it's going to be too bare...until I start decorating it. So don't be afraid to pick the "sad-looking" tree...the "naked" tree. Sometimes they end up being the most beautiful! (That sounds like it could relate to people too, wink wink). 

Step One: Once your tree is up and ready to go, pick the side you want to be the front. Start with the lights and start from the bottom and inside of the tree. Start winding the lights around a branch and then wind them back towards the trunk. Then take the strand to the next closest branch, following the same steps. I start with the lowest branches, working my way from the back around to the back again before taking my lights up to the next level of branches. Instead of going around my tree in circles, once I have reached the back again I go up to the next branch and work my way back the opposite direction.

This way the lights are evenly dispersed on the tree and not just on the outside of the branches or the inside by the trunk. It also helps hide the ugly wires from the lights. Once your finished, you will still see wires but that's ok, they become less noticeable the more decorations you put on. 

Tip: Be sure to plug in your lights when you're placing them on the tree to make sure they work and don't go out. Do one strand of lights at a time.

Step Two: Next thing to put on is your garland. Garland should be more towards the outer branches but don't place it at the very end of a branch. Again, start from the bottom and use the same pattern you did with the lights, starting in back and working your way around to the back again, then up to another level and back around. The trick with garland is to swag it between branches. I make large swoops which get smaller and smaller as I get to the top of the tree.

I like to use berries as garland and filler. I place these further inside the tree to fill the bare spots. Fake stems of greenery or flowers would be pretty as well.

Step Three: Now for the ornaments. This is the easy part. I like to start with my favorite ones. I put those front-and-center. I make sure to hang ornaments all over the tree, from the end of a branch to the center of the tree to fill those holes.

It's as easy as that! Your naked, sad little tree has transformed into a gorgeous Christmas Belle-of-the-Ball!

Now to get the rest of the house looking this festive...
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  2. Oh I love it! Imperfect trees are the best. My family has made it a tradition to go out into the woods and harvest a "real" Christmas tree as is definitely a hunt, but they have so much character to them. Merry Christmas! :)

  3. I really enjoy your posts and style! Your tree is simply beautiful! I would love to know what you used for the garland. Thanks so much for sharing!

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