Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Boys Bedroom Makeover and DIY Leather Handles

As you know, black and white is sweeping over the design world and it has swept me along with it. I have been obsessed with black and white ever since I found an ironstone bowl with a black stripe on it last summer. I struggle to find places in the house where I can and want to work in this black and white, but when I found this adorable black and white suitcase at our Vintage Whites Market in Salt Lake City last month, I decided I'd just have to re-do my son's room to have a place for it. You can check out the before HERE

I really liked Eli's room as it was, but I just needed to get this black and white out of my system and  his room was the best option at the time. It only took a couple days to re-do it. I painted the walls with Benjamin Moore Regal Select, Color: #OC-37 "Glacier White" in the Pearl finish. 

I searched everywhere for light blue bedding for this room but had no luck until I found this set from H&M's home collection. It was JUST what I was looking for and such a good price at $34.99!

Last year I made his light fixture shade out of leather belts and an old lamp shade from the thrift store. I just cut the belts, wrapped the ends over the rim and used brad nails, earring backs and hot glue to secure the ends. 

When I saw Anthropologie's $18 (each) leather drawer handles I knew I had to do this for Eli's dresser...with thrifted leather belts. Here's how I did it:

 All you need is a drill and drill bit, the screws and washers of your choice, scissors, and leather belts from the thrift store. 

After measuring and deciding how long you want your handles and how far you want them to bow out, cut your belt to the appropriate length. The first time I did this I cut a sample piece to make sure it all fit right and I could get my hand behind it to pull. 

Then drill a hole through the leather where you want your screw to be. 

Screw through the hole in the leather and into the existing hole on the dresser. Then screw the washer onto the back of the screw. 

It's really THAT EASY! And it will cost you less than $5!

I LOVE 2-day bedroom makeovers! 


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  1. I love Elli's room.... My daughters name is Hannah after my great aunt, yet it was almost Ellie after her grandfather, love your sons name, is it for Elijiah ? In any case it's adorable as his room.
    I have white painted floors in my front sitting room and love them. As for black and white I was black and white 10 years ago and. Drifted away from it only to now want to add it back in most of the rooms here and there.

    It's amazing what a few pieces of flea market shopping can do to a room.
    Of and the belt lamp bravo....I saw a headboard made out of belts laid in random lengths and colours it was really cool mounted to the wall and a bed pushed up to it, as well a whole wood floor was covered in leather belts glued down with vynal glue and nailed down it was amazing.

    Love your style will return soon.


  2. Oooop's! Eli's room, darn that spell check!


  3. Love this, and your style is spot on,where did you find the great rug?

  4. Thank you! The rug I was lucky enough to find at TJMaxx...and I found it the very day I was out buying black and white items for his room. It was perfect!

  5. I love the leather straps.

    I have thought about making some nautical looking rope handles for one of my dressers.