Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Casual and Elegant Home

In 2000, Melinda and her husband moved into this 1940's Cape Cod style house with no intention of staying there long. But in 2010, they decided to put some love into the home and did a major 9-month renovation.

Marrying the old with the new was critical for Melinda in creating a house that would look like it was always this way. Her inspiration come from pieces that she loves and that have meaning. "I don't decorate my home with the latest trends or what is popular in the market. I decorate with what I love and has meaning. That never goes out of style."

The family dining table is one of many family pieces in their home that carries meaning. It came from Holland which was the home of Melinda's father. Melinda and her siblings ate meals around it as children, and now she shares meals around it still with her own children.

Melinda believes in living in every space...and that's just what they do. When their dining table was in their formal dining room, it ended up not getting used except to collect mail. They transformed the formal dining room into an office and moved the dining table into the kitchen, where she says it get's used every day.

Hope you all enjoyed this lovely home as much as we did.
Photos by On A Limb Photography

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  1. I love her home, her style and the fact that she has retained the history of the house.

  2. Such a beautiful job with the house. I am truly inspired!

  3. Love the kitchen countertops! Granite, soapstone?? Thanks! Beautiful...