Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Cozy Corner

Vanessa and I (Jana) love to endorse products that we believe in. We have different styles of decorating, but there are always products that bleed into both of our homes. We want to showcase some pieces that are the same so that you can see how they work within different environments and different styles! So today we are showing how this gorgeous linen Annella chair from World Market works in two different homes with different styles.  I'll let Vanessa take it from here, and you'll be seeing my post later this afternoon! Do you have this chair? What are your thoughts on it?

Since we moved into this house 2 years ago, I have never been able to figure out how I want this space. It keeps changing and I'm never totally happy with it...till now!

I love sitting here and working on my laptop every morning, drinking a cup of coffee and letting the sun beam in on me.

 In fact, I have a hard time staying awake if I'm sitting here on a sunny afternoon. I literally have sat in it every single day since it arrived a month or so ago. I have 3 little kids I was very pleased to see that chocolate and dirt from their little hands on this chair just wiped right off. I need this type of fabric on ALL of my furniture!!

Now I just need another one of these chairs so that two people can sit in this sweet little corner together! Don't go far...Jana will show you in a few hours how she uses the same chair in her living room.

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