Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kid Style and Autumn

I decided this year that I was no longer going to buy so many clothes for my kids (well, GIRLS...because let's face it, once I had a girl I no longer bought many clothes for my son), but I wanted to only buy a minimum amount of outfits but the clothes that I REALLY loved! Quality, not Quantity, right??

I do realize that even when my kids were wearing shabby sweats, I still loved them just as much, I still thought they were just as cute and life was still just as good. So I don't put much value in what my kids wear. But just like I love to dress my home in beautiful things, I love to dress my children in beautiful things as well. 

 I try to find what I'm looking for used. I find a lot of adorable used and vintage clothing and shoes on Instagram shops. I don't mind a couple scuffs since I know my kids will put scuffs in them the first time they wear them.

I won't spend a ridiculous amount on children's clothes...I mean that's relative, but not more than what I'd spend on my own clothes. But I search for the one thing I really want, instead of several things that I just "like". 

I buy a lot of vintage clothes for the girls. I find vintage shoes on and found Eloise's adorable cape from a vintage shop on Instagram. 

Esme's Outfit: Hat - Gap;  Sweater and shirt - Old Navy;  Dungarees - Vintage;  Tights - Zara;
Shoes - Vintage from Etsy

I stay within the same color tones for each child. Eloise has warmer skin tones and I've always dressed her in warm colors. And I have always thought Esme' looked better in the cooler color tones. What makes things so much easier is when you buy within one color tone, almost everything in the wardrobe will go together. It makes picking out outfits much simpler!

 And if I only buy the clothes I really love (whether it's for me OR my children), they will actually wear them often enough! My kids used to only wear their cutest outfits once or twice because I didn't want to ruin the outfit. But I regret having the cutest things and never putting them on my cutie! It does mean that they will wear out faster, but USE WHAT YOU LOVE!

Eloise's outfit: Cape - Meek Vintage;  Skirt, leggings and boots - Zara

Eli's outfit:  Plaid shirt - Target;  Jeans - Old Navy;  Boots - Timberland (bought used from an Instagram shop)

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  1. Your children, their outfits and your pictures are too adorable! I've been trying to apply this to my own selection of clothes - buy and wear what I love.

  2. They are too cute ♥ And you are right... I like to buy at Next... Alexandra

  3. Vanessa, these photos are stunning...your children beautiful...and their style darling!

  4. I love all the pictures and they could not be any cuter <3