Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Modern Farmhouse Christmas

It's an honor to step into a home and feel the soul of the people who live there. To feel its unique-ness and in return be given the permission to be yourself...... to be beckoned in for the holiday season with feelings of simplicity, family, and comfort. This, at its heart, is home: a place where we can live honestly and humbly with each other and our surroundings.

The heart of this family can be seen in every nook and cranny of this spacious light-filled modern farmhouse. Angie, along with her husband, Jeremy, and their four boys, fill their home with their unique take on style and simplicity. They lovingly molded their home from the ground up.... every inch a result of quiet thought and intention. Together they spent long hours collaborating on durability, functionality, design, and beauty. Hardworking quality surfaces like hardwood floors allow for muddy footprints while timeworn antiques and sturdy functional modern pieces invite everyday living.

Angie speaks fondly of her home....."When my husband and  I decided to build our home, our goal was to give it the charm and character of an older house. Having four boys, we also needed it to be practical and highly functional. We wanted the airy feel of an open floor plan; and used beams, crown molding, and ceiling details to give the rooms distinction. We put large windows wherever we could fit them and wrapped them in white, wide plank trim. Hand-scraped hickory floors with six inch baseboards adorn our floors. Upstairs, we worked with our roofs angles to create an attic feel in our spacious bedrooms, which house minimal furnishings. The over-sized stair landings hold built in open shelves and trunk space; and the mudroom, which doubles as a pantry, humbly serves our daily needs. As we live our days within these walls, we find ourselves loving home more and choose to be here whenever we can.... and in that, living more authentically."

Christmas, along with everything else in this house, is easy and unpretentious..... winter berries gathered on a vacation, vintage Christmas lights strung along the ceiling, and a Christmas tree decorated with family.

 Clean minimal style leaves room for fun pops of color and quirky details..... a grand example of choosing to surround yourself with things uniquely beautiful to you without compromising simplicity or functionality. This home is honest. Full of space and journey and becoming. It is a reflection of the ones who live here.

An open airy kitchen was designed to embrace family life and celebrate the everyday. Glass cabinets reveal hardworking basic kitchen glasses and mugs within easy reach.

 Industrial stools stand ready to serve a hearty breakfast or an afternoon snack.

The family table is nestled in this charming alcove surrounded by windows where lighting abounds even on the cloudiest of days. An eclectic mix of found chairs around a chipped antique table invite family and friends to sit and stay a while.

Hand sewn pillows grace the upstairs landing along with a few treasured finds. Old style craftsmanship and unique details give this modern home a vintage heart.

Crisp cotton bedding adorns a wooden bed with clean lines while a metal bedside table provides a resting place for a good book on snowy winter evenings.

A built in entryway mudroom offers easy storage for winter hats and mittens while a vintage suitcase is charming and functional. A handmade Christmas calendar hangs along the generous pantry cupboard doors.

Blessings this Christmas,

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  1. What a gorgeous home! And I'd love to have that red mixer for sure!

  2. Absolutely Beautiful, are you sure you have four boys?!?

  3. Absolutely Beautiful, are you sure you have four boys?!?