Thursday, November 5, 2015

Airy, Vintage-Minimal Home in Long Island

Today we take you to a tudor style home in Long Island for some major vintage inspiration! Get your "Pin" finger ready! 

This gorgeous home was build in 1926. Home-owners Tim and Debbie renovated the house almost entirely by themselves. They laid oak flooring throughout the house since none of the original wood floor was salvageable. 

As Debbie decorates her small home she is constantly trying to keep things simple and clean since she does not have a lot of space to work with. Her inspiration comes from her mother, who decorated impeccably with antiques, as well as blogs such as Dreamy Whites and French Larkspur and designers Atlanta Bartlett, Hans Blomquist, Rachel Ashwell, and the Jersey Ice Cream Co. (Spot on...those are our favorites as well!)

Some of Debbie's favorite pieces include her dining and kitchen table, both of which she found at Anthropologie, the dental cabinet in her living room and her headboard that belonged to her grandmother. 

The Tolix chairs are not vintage, however Debbie will sometimes incorporate new pieces if they blend well with the old. 

Debbie painted with Benjamin Moore "White" throughout the entire home. Love the simplicity of it!

The kitchen was Debbie's favorite renovation since it was such a drastic transformation from it's former 1980's look. They installed Shaker cabinets, honed black granite countertops, and reclaimed barn wood flooring. 

Debbie finds her beautiful pieces from Anthropologie, to antique stores and markets, to eBay and Etsy. One of her favorite places to shop is called White Flower Farmhouse, one of the many adorable little shops on the east end of Long Island. 

She also looks forward to her twice-a-year visit to Brimfeild, the largest flea market in Massachusetts. 

Debbie has such a love and passion for decorating. She is constantly adding and changing things in her it a fresh look. 

Debbie does such an amazing job decorating her home and has become one of our own top inspirations! 

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love her house! I follow her on instagram but it's lovely seeing her whole home in one post. Do you have any pictures of her bathroom? For some reason, I'm always looking for bathroom ideas. Such a hard room to decorate for me. Thanks for the treat!

  2. This home is so beautiful in its' simplicity. I just love the uncluttered look - a look I have been trying to achieve for oh so very long. Her home is going to be my inspiration to hopefully pare down, lighten up and only keep what I truly love.

  3. Oh! My God!!!!!
    Such a lovely house!
    I do love your blog and do'nt miss any post of yours!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Lots of hugs from Portugal.

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