Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Simple Holiday Tablescape

I think we're just about all on the "minimal" holiday decorating kick...and isn't it wonderful. I feel so much more relaxed without all this clutter and junk around me. So I'm keeping it simple on the table as well! 

Like many families, we have a tradition of meeting together on Christmas Eve for a formal dinner. My mom does just about all the cooking (because she wants to, not because she has to....I think).  The whole family comes...and towards the end of dinner we all pick up the trivia cards at our place settings and play a game of Christmas Trivia. My mom ALWAY wins! How does she know so much about Christmas?? (It might have something to do with all the Christmas Hallmark movies she watches...wink wink). 

I'm trying to remember if I have EVER used red to decorate in my house before. Nope! Red is not for me. However I was inspired by the deep reds of these pomegranates and cranberries. Something is different about this red! And now that I have my light wood floors, I finally feel free to use any color I want around the house! (I can't really explain why I couldn't with the dark floors....color just doesn't pop as much I think). 

I snagged this photo the day after I photographed all the others. The light was streaming in and I ran for the camera for a very dramatic shot. 

Hope you all have a most wonderful holiday!!

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  1. Simple and beautiful. I enjoy your blog very much, Vanessa!
    ~ Lin

  2. Perfecly responds to my tastes! Simple and lovely, like all the rest of your blog!

  3. I would love to be sitting at this holiday table, simply beautiful, perfectly rustic....I love the door in this space, it stands out without competing with its surroundings.

    Pure and good holiday beauty.



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