Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cocoon by Sealy unboxing video + GIVEAWAY!

We are so excited to be partnering with Tempur Sealy for the launch of their new mattress in a box, Cocoon by Sealy, and the #myhappyplace campaign! A mattress that arrived on my doorstep in a box shorter than I am...well, Vanessa and I were both skeptical! See her post on it here.

                                 ( This post contains sponsored links from Cocoon by Sealy )

I told Tanner to let me do most of the heavy lifting because I wanted to show you guys just how easy it was for one person to set up. I got all the way to putting it up on our new platform bed (built by Tanner...if you're in Colorado and interested in one, email us at!) and then let him help me haha. They really make it SO easy for you, and with a 100 night trial, 10 year warranty AND someone to come get it FOR FREE if I need to return it? Yes please!!

My bedroom has gone through a lot over the last year, and I can truly say the last time it was SUPER CLEAN was when I did the last blog post on revamping it! I have neglected it big time. It's my catch-all room. It's where everything that doesn't have a proper place ends up. It's also the only room I can retreat to when the boys are asleep, and it's supposed to be a sanctuary for Tanner and I....but since I haven't done a great job on keeping it cozy and clean, it's the opposite of my happy place right now!! When Tempur-Sealy contacted us, it was just the kickstart I needed to really get it in order. I'm nowhere near done, but this is where it all begins...with an incredibly comfortable mattress!

My bedroom NEEDS to be a haven and an escape. I was so empowered and motivated to completely change my perspective on keeping my room CLEAN when I was getting rid of the old mattress!! I can not wait to show you guys what it turns in to.

We've been sleeping on the mattress for about a week now, and I am IN LOVE!! My hips don't hurt in the morning, my back doesn't hurt if I lay on my's the perfect blend of soft and firm. And it came in a box! Gone are the days of walking into a store to buy a mattress three times the price I pay for rent! Cocoon by Sealy provides exceptional comfort at a minimal price. Twin beds start at $549 and a king size is under $1000 and they're sold exclusively online here. We REALLY want you guys to try one, and Tempur-Sealy was gracious enough to gift us two mattresses to give away!! We'll be hosting the first giveaway today, and the second when we post again in May about how our bedrooms have changed! I am so excited to take the next couple months and transition my room from something I avoid to something I never want to leave -- my happy place!

Here's how to enter the giveaway for a FREE Cocoon by Sealy mattress:

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  1. I can't wait to see what you do with your room- I think it is already so lovely and peaceful! I keep putting our room off to the last of our home list, but you're so right!- it needs to be a haven & escape ☺️ Thanks for the motivation!!

  2. Thank you for the giveaway! Right now my husband and I sleep in separate bedrooms as he hates our old mattress and doesn't sleep well at all on it. We would love to win this and try it out together! :)

  3. A mattress in a box--yes, please. Now only if car shopping would be this easy!;)

  4. Has a winner been named yet? Keeping my fingers and toes crossed! :)

  5. I would love to upgrade to a king size! I entered previously but my social media accounts have changed to the following email is, my instagram is @traciemichelle05, FB Tracie Michelle Cooper, Twitter is @traciemich05

  6. Hey there! Has a winner been announced yet! I am so hoping to win this. I'm in need of a new mattress and this looks so comfy and would help with my back for sure. Anxiously waiting. :) ~Lowanda