Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Vintage Modern Bedroom Makeover with Cocoon by Sealy + a giveaway!

Tanner and I have been renters for our entire marriage which is really hard for two people obsessed with creating spaces just the way we envision them. That being said, it does allow us to BE creative and find ways to work around an uninspiring space! We've been lucky to have landlords in the past who bought materials for us and let us do what we wanted, but most of the time it's on our own dime if we want to make improvements. The house we are in now is not bad at all, but the color of the paint and floor makes everything too yellow for my taste. Tanner came up with a great idea to build a temporary wall out of plywood and use it as a base for shiplap! We already had most of the materials left over from other projects, and he cut sheets of plywood into boards for the shiplap! We thought this would give the room a focal point and tone down some of the tan color on the walls. I LOVE how it turned out. I had him leave imperfect gaps and some of the outlines unpainted because I love the texture and contrast it gives the room.

I have SO MUCH to tell you about in this post, but I want you to see what the room looked like last year and then right before this overhaul, so click those links first and then come back.

Here's one of the projects I'm excited about: this amazing little side table!! We found the base at the Habitat for Humanity thrift store for $20 and the marble top came from a garage sale last year for $5! I have been holding onto it for just the right base. It could not be more perfect!


Vanessa and I partnered with Cocoon by Sealy to turn our bedrooms into our "happy place," and I FINALLY feel like my bedroom is my happy place. Even Tanner said, "I could hang out in here. It's really comfortable and bright." Yes, it is, thanks to our new mattress and his great idea!!

We have been sleeping our new Cocoon by Sealy mattress for two months now, and LOVING it! My hips normally hurt at night but not since we've had our Cocoon. You can read more about our initial thoughts as well as a video on setting it up here (so easy...still can't believe it came in a box delivered to our doorstep! I was able to set it up by myself)!

Cocoon by Sealy was kind enough to provide another mattress for a giveaway, AND a promotional code for a $50 cash gift card with purchase of a mattress from now until May 31, 2016! Visit and enter the code VINTAGE50 to redeem your discount! Details on the Cocoon by Sealy mattress giveaway is at the bottom of this post!

When I was thinking about what would inspire me to ENJOY my bedroom, a couple things came to mind: one, for it to be clean haha...and two, PLANTS!! I went to the nursery and picked out a few gorgeous plants: jasmine, honeysuckle, a fig tree and Beckett picked out cosmos. I couldn't say no to those :)

Vanessa sent me a photo on pinterest of this really neat grid made out of sticks tied together and I HAD to have one in my bedroom! It was actually pretty easy and quick, and I love that I can start growing vines on it! A living, breathing, energizing headboard! I wrapped a few loose honeysuckle and star jasmine vines around it. Can't wait to get them growing that tall. Any pointers on how to start that??

All of the bedding I used is a mix of thrift store, garage sales, and new. I am still loving my linen bedding set from H&M and don't see changing anytime soon. It's so comfy!

These brass candlesticks have been with me for years -- I started collecting them when I'd see them at thrift stores, and I always display them somewhere! I love the dainty stems!

I really am loving the light that the white wall adds to the room. I am sitting on my bed writing this post and I haven't actually worked in this room since last year! It feels SO relaxing -- truly my happy place!

Now, we want YOU to experience one of these phenomenal mattresses! Enter our giveaway for a Cocoon by Sealy mattress!! Details are below -- we'll pick a winner in two weeks! Also: if you're planning to use the 'VINTAGE50' promotional code at for a $50 cash gift card when you purchase a mattress, be sure to do it before May 31, 2016!

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