Friday, March 16, 2018

Colorful Boho/Mid Century Space on a Budget

A gal has got some faith when she comes to me...a minimalist with an all-white and neutral home...for help in creating a colorful, boho, mid-century jungalow in her home! Britney and Charlie were in the process of building a home when she reached out for help in making an odd L-shaped living space feel cohesive and have a good flow to it. 

Britney and Charlie picked out their favorite wallpaper, and instead of spending a fortune to cover the entire wall, we framed in a section that we could have fun with and that would balance out the off-centered window. They owned a couple skulls that we added black-painted branches to for some pop! 

The painted pony wall helps balance out the other bold elements in the space as well as anchors that side of the room. 

The copper pipe curtain rod plays off the floating shelf line and that grid-patterned curtain was more perfect for this space than I imagined! 

It was Britney's dream to incorporate two of these hammock chairs that she loves so much! So a bench under the large window seemed the perfect fit for this relaxed, unstructured space! Since this room was built to eventually have a wood stove, we designed a window seat that her husband could build and could be moved and adjusted for when the fireplace is put in someday. At that point the window seat can also be used to store firewood in the cubbies. 

We all sat in the hammock chairs after hanging them, and we came to the conclusion that EVERYONE needs a hammock chair! They're amazing!!

I came across this sweet blue pendant at the Restore one day and I can't imagine a more perfect fixture for this space! We layered one of Britney's favorite paintings behind it. 

The plan is to make a driftwood chandelier to go over the table, however this light came in handy when we were unable to find driftwood in the winter!

These medallions were out of the bargain bin at Target. In order to give them some personality, we taped them, and spray painted sections of them with Britney's favorite color. The project took about 20 minutes start to finish and we had all the supplies! 

"Having Vanessa design the space was truly one of the best decisions we've made! I was so intimidated with trying to find a way to balance Mid Century with Bohemian in new construction! Even though Vanessa's style is not my own, I have always loved her styling abilities and believed she could figure out my crazy! We love our home so much, down to every detail, and are so thankful for Vanessa's HOURS of work and the passion that she poured into our space. When Jana and Vanessa styled our home after months of prep, we literally got to watch our dreams come to life. It truly couldn't be more perfect!" - Britney

Wallpaper from Chasing Paper

Plant Stand
Floor Lamp


Macrame Pendant
Rattan Chair
Metal Tray Coffee Tables

Blue Area Rug

Hammock Chairs
Bar Stools

Dining Chairs

Floor Mirror

Brass side table
Blue Flower Pendant

Vintage Markets:
Rounded Mirror
Rattan Pendant

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