Friday, October 5, 2018

Dream Home Series: The Dining Room

Design+Photo: JDP Interiors

With fall finally here the concept of "gathering" has been forefront on our minds. Once the weather starts to cool down and our time inside begins to increase, we start to become more intentional about how and whom we share our time with. It's so refreshing to slow down a little and gather with friends, family, and neighbors after a long summer full of activities.

One of our favorite places to gather as a community is the dining room, not just for the great company, but also for the food!!! October marks the beginning of what we like to call "food season"-aka the blissful time between now and Christmas where soups, pies, and treats are in abundance!

We love this dining room designed by JDP Interiors for several reasons-the clean white walls and fresh color pallete,  the beautiful curated artwork, and that amazzzinngg light fixture! Everything about this room invites you in and leaves you wanting to spend more time there.

Where do you like to "gather" with loved ones this time of year???
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