Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Everyday

Loving the "everyday" means seeing beauty in simple everyday objects; displaying them in your home and using them constantly. It means choosing beautiful quality items that will serve you well each and every day. It means finding pleasure in beauty AND in functionality.

Cast iron pots that age gracefully.....seasoning themselves over time with each use.

Cooking supplies within easy reach.... spices hung above the stove and utensils on open display. 

Dry goods in vintage glass canisters.

A beautiful quality kitchen knife still sharp after years of humble service.

Crisp vintage linens and towels.... made with remarkable durability.

A well worn sturdy dinner table.

Train yourself to buy only what you love. Buy one beautiful well made set of measuring cups and throw out the plastic ones you hide in the drawer.

Loving "the everyday" also means one other significant thing. It means using your beautiful loved things every single day. Get rid of the fear that says "using my beautiful things daily is wasteful." It's a lie. You honor yourself, your family, and your possessions by using your things daily. Your favorite antique china, your vintage linens, old rugs, and chandeliers...... these things are honored as they are used and enjoyed. This keeps your home real, authentic, and honest. People are then invited into your true real everyday life.

And the hardest part of all....get rid of the things you don't find beautiful and you don't use on a daily basis. They clutter up the real beauty in a home, taking precious time and space. Retain only the things that serve you and are beautiful to you. The end result will be a simple, beautiful, and personal space you love to be in every day.


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  1. We use our beautiful/favorite things daily. I love that I inherited so many beautiful linens from my mother, but I find it so sad that she never enjoyed them.

  2. I love this! I've recently downsized quite a bit and trying to decide what to keep and what not to is so frustrating. But following your wonderful ideas will help me quite a bit. Thank you for sharing such beautiful shots of your home. It really is quite lovely.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the line of "Train yourself to buy only what you love." It's funny, I have a nice, quality set of measuring cups that I use, and yet I am still tempted to buy the cheap plastic ones when I see them at the store, simply because they're $1 and seem like a good deal. So important to keep in mind so the home doesn't get cluttered. Beautiful post!

  4. So very true! Getting rid of our clutter is one of our current goals. We have quite a bit to go but it feels so good to lighten our possessions.
    Your photos are lovely and so inspiring, thank you !

  5. You are so absolutely right!
    I do wear everything not keeping anything I don't really love!
    Hugs from Portugal

  6. Candace,
    How do you keep your floors clean? We recently painted our floors grey and I am wondering if you have any tips or tricks?

  7. Just love this post! Wonderful advice, and gorgeous kitchen. Makes me want to run to my kitchen and purge all the 'undesirables'. Thank you!

  8. Just love this post! Wonderful advice, and gorgeous kitchen. Makes me want to run to my kitchen and purge all the 'undesirables'. Thank you!