Our Market

The Vintage Whites Market is an annual vintage market held in Somers, Montana (on the shore of Flathead Lake) and in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We’ve been doing the market since 2010, and have grown from a garage with 5 vendors to 2 shows with over 100 vendors! This market has been SO much fun to host! We’re convinced that our vendors and customers are the best around.  We never imagined that in just 3 years we’d have grown so much, both in size and in our own friendship with each other.  I remember sitting in Vanessa’s living room, us looking at each other with these “so, did we just decide to completely empty your garage and fill it with vintage treasures? and hope people show up? we’re doing this? WE’RE DOING THIS” eyes. I’m so glad we threw all caution to the wind and jumped right in. 

Currently, we’ve been featured three times in Romantic Homes magazine, and we were honored to be named one of the top 25 markets in the nation in their magazine.  Flea Market Style also listed us as one of the best flea markets from coast to coast.

Our markets feature live music, face-painting, free photobooths, vintage fashion shows, homemade ice cream, soda, cakes, and a few other surprises that vary from market to market. 

We recently found ourselves wishing there was a way to express all the other creative ideas we seem to come up with, and this blog seems to be the perfect answer.  Armed with a killer team of photographers, stylists, and late night brainstorming sessions via text...we’re proud to introduce the humble beginnings of the Vintage Whites Blog.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together for you.

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