Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mason Jars

I have become quite fixated with old Mason and Ball Jars the last few years. To me they transport me to a time where women still canned all summer long, and they bring back many memories. I can still remember my grandmother sitting on her porch on her farm back in ND and she would be snapping beans to can. My grandma and my mother both canned all summer long, and I spent many hours snapping beans, shelling peas, pickling cucumbers, and cutting corn. I have tried to carry on the tradition but find that I usually use my old jars for other things. Things that are easier and prettier, I guess I don't have as much patience as my mother! I thought I would share some of my favorite things to do with these old jars.

 I often use my jars to store food items such as beans, pasta, and flour.

 A jelly jar makes the perfect butter dish, I just screw the lid on and put it away when we're done!

 A jar is the perfect way to preserve and showcase dried flowers like lavender. This is lavender from my garden and I actually dried it right in the jar.

 Over the holidays I wound white christmas lights around my jars and liked it so much it will be permanent.

 Heres a bar of homemade goat milk soap that fits perfectly in a wide mouth pint jar, the perfect soap dish. Just pop it in the dishwasher when it gets dirty.

 Of course my favorite way to use jars is for my flowers like these english roses from my garden.

 And sweet peas....

 And hydrangeas... this jar has been painted with blue paint to give it a unique look!


 A giant Mason Jar is my favorite way to serve drinks. This jar contains Basil leaves and rose petals from my garden and also fresh lemons and limes. Makes water so much more exciting to drink.

 I love to make my own candles using soy wax and fragrances, and I always use a jar of some sort or size. I have these jars all over my house and burn them all the time!

This summer I made a bunch of these hanging jars, I used the wide mouth quart and made them with  citronella essential oils and hung them all over my backyard. They looked so pretty at night all lite up and of course they helped keep the skeeters away!

These are just a few of the many things I do with my jars, and I hope I gave some inspiration to dust those jars off and put them to good use,  we even use them to drink out of!
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Vintage Whites Salt Lake Giveaway!!

Our vintage market in Salt Lake is only 48 days away, and we've teamed up with a few of our favorite companies to bring you an amazing giveaway!!

The prize details:

1. A tote from Vintage Whites (oversized canvas tote. Graphic by Mary Kate McDevitt)
2. A $100 gift certificate to Ruche
3. A 4X6 Dash & Albert Fair Isle Rosemary/Ink Cotton Woven Rug
4. Two one year subscriptions to FOLK Magazine
5. Two early shopping/free admission passes to the Vintage Whites Market in Salt Lake!

How do you enter??

1. LIKE us on Facebook, and if you already do, find the giveaway graphic on our page and SHARE it with your friends!

2. LIKE the following pages on Facebook: Dash & Albert, Ruche, FOLK Magazine

2. Instagram our graphic and tag it with the hashtag #vwmslcgiveaway and in the comment section, tell people to repost and tag to enter!

3. COPY, PASTE, & TWEET: Retweet & enter to win prizes from     HERE: 

4. Comment on our blog to let us know which one you've done! If you ENTER ALL FOUR WAYS,  we will give you 2 EXTRA ENTRIES!!

This giveaway will run until February 10th, 2013 so you've got some time to enter!!

A little bit about our market if you're not familiar....

We started in a garage in 2009 with 5 vendors...and quickly grew into a field down the street!! We sell all kinds of vintage furniture, decor, clothing, architectural salvage, antiques, and more...

This year, we've decided to expand into Salt Lake City for our biggest event of 2013! We'll have amazing vendors, live music, and great food -- plus a free photobooth, signings by Folk Magazine, classes (calligraphy, CeCe Caldwell's milk & clay paint classes, chromatography, floral design, and more), and a vintage fashion show with Ruche!! 

We'll be hosting this event at the Utah State Fairgrounds on March 9th from 10-5 and we hope you'll join us!! Find out more information on our Facebook page, and let us know if you're attending!! 

Good luck on the giveaway & we'll see you in 48 days!!

NOTE:: WE still have vendor spots available, so if you're a vintage or vintage-inspired vendor, email us at thevintagewhitesmarket@gmail.com 

 If you're a BLOGGER attending our event, email us at vintagewhites@gmail.com 

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Friday, January 18, 2013

FOUND: Linnea Paulina Photography

Today's post is by Linnea Paulina, a photographer based out of Portland, Oregon. A little about Linnea from her website: 

" I am invigorated by fresh beginnings and love stories. The prospect of planning an adventure elates me and is influenced by the 10 years I lived in Europe and summers spent on my grandparents' farm in Sweden, digging up new potatoes and strawberries. I dream of cobblestone roads, bakeries, and geraniums in terra cotta pots.

I am equally happy going out for a spicy bowl of pho with my husband, or searching Bon Appetit magazine for a recipe to make at home. I believe that it's always a good time for cupcakes. On the weekend, you might find me at the Portland Farmer's Market with a bunch of peonies in hand, or putting a few good miles on my running shoes.

I believe photographs are a medium through which we can appreciate the dearest things in life. Your photographs will express a wholesome sincerity and simple joy. I see things straight to the heart and creating a remarkable photography experience for you that is natural and fun is my delight."

{ Images via www.linneapaulina.com

Linnea's favorite vintage piece has been passed down through her family & has been around for almost 100 years...

What is the history behind this piece?

This wall hanging was handmade by my Mormor's (maternal grandmother's) mother in the Sk√•ne region of Sweden almost 100 years ago.  My mom gave it to me after I graduated from college in 2007.  I love the bright red flowers and the words embroidered onto it.  Translated, the message is an uplifting one that echoes a true wish for my husband and I: "A hope that tomorrow shines mild and right, and that your heart is glad and free in youth and old age alike." 

It is meaningful to me that I am able to showcase a part of my family history in my home.  I love to style this embroidered wall hanging over my bed.  I can't imagine it anywhere else.  There are tiny loops sewn intermittently into the top, so it's easy to iron and hang in place.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from meals shared with family and friends, and peace at home.  I love reading magazines, cookbooks, and blogs to get ideas going for future projects.  I spent most of my childhood in Europe, and draw inspiration from my memories riding trains, traveling with my family, experiencing different cultures, and dreaming of future adventures!

My job as a wedding photographer is an extension of my experiences and inspiration.  Pictures are a fantastic way to appreciate people and memories, and I recognize joy, strength, and love in the relationships I photograph.  

What is the best advice you've ever been given?

Every time I talk to my mom on the phone, she begins her goodbye saying "take care of each other."  I truly think this is the best advice I have heard.  Of course, it is most importantly applied to the people you are closest with, but I see it as an outward attitude I try and spread outward to my environment; the clothes I wear and the home I live in.  It means to take care of the people and things you are blessed with in your life.  To look after each other is to love in a tangible and actionable way.  Truly my mom is the heart of our family and I draw so much inspiration for my own life from the beautiful, strong, and simple way she lives hers.   

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Warm Bulgur Wheat & Arugula Salad

Today marks the day after my daughter Emme's first birthday party and I found myself needing something less...frosted. With the snow falling down from our lovely Montana sky, a warm arugula salad seemed the perfect fit.

This clean and simple dish finds itself in a lovely balance of flavors; the nuttiness of the bulgur wheat to the sweetness of the roasted cherry tomatoes, and the zip of the citrus...it has de.lish written all over it!

Roasted Cherry Tomato & Bulgur Wheat Salad Over Citrus Dressed Greens


Cherry tomatoes

2 unpeeled garlic cloves
Bulgur wheat
Chopped green olives
Feta cheese
1 can of garbanzo beans


Measure 1 cup of bulgur wheat into a medium sauce pan, and cover with 2 cups of water. Cook the bulgur on medium heat until the water has been absorbed(about 15 minutes), cover and set aside to cool.

Toss cherry tomatoes and garlic in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Place on a baking sheet and roast under broiler until the skin of the tomatoes has blistered and garlic is soft when punched with a fork.

   Once cool enough to handle, chop tomatoes and garlic.

  Dress arugula greens with lemon juice and mound on plate.

In a bowl, combine tomato and garlic compote, garbanzo beans, feta crumbles, cooked bulgur wheat, and chopped green olives. Toss with 1 tbsp. olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Scoop mixture onto arugula.


This post is brought to you by VWM contributor Rae Clausen. See her other post HERE!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Four Ways to Display a Quilt Collection

If there's one thing I can NOT pass up at a flea market or garage sale, it's a beautiful old quilt. My collection has gotten a little out of hand now, and I'm always trying to finda place to display their scrappy loveliness while keeping them out of the way. Here are a few ways I've displayed them in my home:

Do you have a quilt collection or a different and unique way to style your quilts? If so, share it with us on Facebook or in the comment section!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Whimsical Birthday Invitations

Life is all about celebrating the little OR the big things. This month, we celebrate the first birthday of our sweet Emme girl. 

Because every girl, no matter how young or old, needs glitter in their life now again, I approached her invititations like any other project: simple, handmade; but for this occassion, with a touch of sparkle. 

In the eternal words of Coco Channel, "A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous." 

Now if I could only find this dress for her party....

{ Image credit via http://reasonstobreathe.tumblr.com/ }

Emme's invitations material list:

- card stock brown craft paper
- basic printer
- craft paper envelope
- White paint marker (after MUCH trial and error, I found the most success with Sharpie brand white paint pen)
- music sheets
- glitter ribbon
- blush pink needle point thread

Inspiration for the invitations: 

{ clockwise from left: Source, Source, Source }

Happy birthday beautiful Emme! This post was written by Rae Clausen, a first time contributor to the VWM Blog. Look to see more of her work in the coming months!

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