Monday, January 7, 2013

Eye Candy

Sometimes, you just want to look at pretty pictures. We recently came across an amazing vintage dress at a thrift store, and a matching chair. They are gorgeous and all we want for this Monday is just for you to relax and take a gander....happy January!!

"I laid down by the rivers edge
I laid down wondering where it led
I laid down by the river's edge
And I woke up in a river bed....

There were flowers in my hair
River flowers floating everywhere
And all the fishes came and kissed my feet
Dear old fishes, they said to me...

They said oh, we could love you
But we are not yet what you want...

Because oh, anyone could love you
You've got to find where you belong..."

Lyrics: Riversong - A Fine Frenzy

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  1. Beautiful lyrics and these are beautiful photographs. Thank you so much for sharing these items to soothe our souls...there is nothing more enjoyable than seeing something beautiful and being able to gaze and appreciate!

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