Friday, August 23, 2013

Vanessa's Home Renovation: Kitchen Reveal!

Ta Da!!! Here it dream kitchen! Still some things to do yet, but for the most part...done. Can you guess what has to go?? Yep...that BLACK stove. We bought that when we moved in as a temporary stove. Found it at a yard sale and thought "black appliances look good in some white kitchens". Well...not mine! I actually have an amazing vintage stove that belonged to my husband's great-grandmother. We got it checked out and $1500 was the quote we got to get it fixed. $1500!!??! So we're gonna get a second opinion. 

I've posted about the cabinets before. We bought the unit in pieces from Station 8 in Columbia Falls. It's obvious why I wanted these particular cabinets. THAT COLOR!! Well my husband was not feeling too good about having spent so much money on something that was literally falling apart in the trailer on the way home. I totally understood. So I had to remind him (as well as myself) that we wouldn't find anything cheaper, it will take some work, and it will look incredible in the end. I mean isn't that the story of the whole house? Well it didn't take him long. I was amazed at how well it came together. He wrapped the counter top with galvanized steel. would look AMAZING with butcher block counters, but that was more pricy, more work, and I love the easy cleaning of the steel. 

This shelf was just recently put together. I've known all along what I wanted above those cabinets...


I just couldn't decide how to make it. My husband said it would be an easy make (yay!), it's just getting that old look! I mean that real authentic old look. At first I was thinking I'd have to find barnwood with paint flaking off. Then I talked to a few people, did a LITTLE research (because I'm NOT a researcher), and thought maybe I could make it look old. The thing is, I don't like stain on top of paint and I wasn't sure how painting on top of fresh stain would work (without primer), so it was a major experiment.

We bought the wood (just plain white pine). I took a piece to experiment with. I stained it with some darkish stain. Then I used the method I found online which was using a block of wood to paint with. The paint goes on very unevenly. Then I lightly sanded, not enough to sand through the stain, and I loved how it turned out. 

So in a day my husband built the shelf. Then I stained the whole thing. Then I used about 3 different colors of cream and white and layers them on, first using the dry brush method and then using the block method. Then I sanded. It was hard for me to decide if it would REALLY fool me if I didn't know it wasn't old. Does it fool you??

The light fixture shades and the sink faucet I got off of ebay.

So the plan is to put in two skinny windows on either side of the big shelf...eventually. Right now there is an old rotted shed attached to the back of that wall, but it will be coming off and windows in and then I can see into the backyard. 

So what do you think? 
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vanessa's Home Renovation: Sitting/Dining Room Continued

I'm sure you're all thinking that either we ran out of money or we ran out of steam on our house renovations and I just haven't had any updates to share. Well...we HAVEN'T! Actually we've been getting things done at lightning speed, but between renovating, furniture being moved in and out every weekend (for the wedding rentals biz), throwing the summer markets, and trying to get cleaned up and organized, I have had no time to get pictures of the updates and share them. It's taken me days just to get the house clean enough for some photos. Things are still crazy because I still have unpacked boxes and places in the house where we just throw things that don't have a place yet. So I'm focusing now on that. 

Seriously...there have been some very stressful days and late nights of working on sections of this house to get done for "deadlines" like hosting a shower or having guests stay with us. At the time we wanted to just say "who cares if this room isn't done?" (Well actually we did say that), but I knew if we didn't meet that deadline then we were sure to not meet the final one....the baby's due date. So with a ton of help from family, we have come soooo far and are so close to finishing this house!

This room is one of my favorites...along with my favorite wall in the house. So much sunlight streams in and I don't want to put curtains up or anything on the walls because it's just so cheerful the way it is! (Please excuse my lack of decorating...we haven't gotten that far yet).

I had the most perfect crystal and glass chandelier hanging in the dining room. It completed the room!! But we rented it out for a wedding and it never came home :-(. So I'm on the look out again.

MY FAVORITE WALL - For a few years now I've been storing a large piece of wainscoting I found at a yard sale. This is the real thing...not just trim on the wall. There wasn't a place where it fit perfectly in the house, so no matter where we put it we would have to come up with some way to finish it. Well I knew I wanted it on the wall in the dining room. It is where it was meant to be! But it took us days and weeks of discussing different ways to finish it. We would decide on one way and then run into a snag. Finally, my husband decided to just add 2 more panels to extend it to the end of the wall...which meant using trim that doesn't exactly match the trim on the original piece, but we didn't care at that point.

Here's the before shot: 

After it was up, finished and painted, no one could tell that it wasn't all one piece of wainscoting. Phew! My husband did an amazing job on it! Oh and for the small shelf at the top we added trim to the edge of a board, and for the little "brackets" we cut a piece of trim into those little inch-and-a-half sections.

So there you have it. I've got 6 more rooms and a hallway to show stay tuned!  
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