Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Mantel Decorations

Yes, I know it's after Christmas. We really tried to cram as many in before Christmas as we could, but this one snuck past!! This is Vanessa's mantel, and I just think it's adorable! So I'm posting it!! Aren't the quilt stockings SO CUTE?!

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Monday, December 30, 2013

A New Years Party

Last year I held a small New Years party, and didn't blog it!! I think it's time you saw the pictures. Most everything I used was from the house, and I had cakes baked in mason jars so I didn't even have to cook! Wine and cake. That's all you need!!

I used a simple craft paper table runner, dollar store confetti and noisemakers, and some clear Christmas ornaments to emulate champagne bubbles!! (Which isn't the first time I've done that. Three years ago, I styled a wine bar for New Years with a friend of mine, and we made a champagne bubble chandelier!! You may have seen it on Pinterest...it turned out so fun!!)

I put sparklers in our cakes, and hindsight....I shouldn't have lit them before we ate. haha! We had to dump the ashes off the top of the cake.....but they were STILL SO GOOD!! There's a link to a NEW YEARS PLAYLIST at the bottom of this post...just in case you need a little musical inspiration while you celebrate!! 

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Hosting a Neighborhood Christmas Party

When we moved into this house, our neighbor told us about these Christmas parties they used to have in our neighborhood each year. The first one started about 30 years ago. Well, she told us that no one has hosted it the last couple of years, so…I volunteered! I knew it would give us a deadline to finish the house, plus it would be a great way for our neighbors to get to know us and see what we're doing with the place. The house is by no means done, but I did get all our "junk areas" cleaned and organized.

How amazing is it that a neighborhood has thrown a Christmas party for 30 years? I love this place! Unfortunately the neighborhood piano teacher couldn't make it this year, so the tradition of ending the party around the piano singing Christmas carols was forgone this time. 

I put together a hot chocolate bar, everyone brought an hors d'oeuvre and we provided desserts and wine. It was so much fun! Everyone was so friendly and it was fantastic getting to know all our neighbors. What a great idea! 

Did any of you host a neighborhood Christmas party? What did you get for Christmas?

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Vintage Ornaments & Natural Greenery for Christmas!

We just moved into a new house in Colorado, and I am absolutely in love. Wood floors, judges paneling, a winding staircase....it's a far cry from the small and sterile apartment we lived in last year. I was SO excited to move just in time to decorate for Christmas, but I had such a hard time doing it!! There are so many spaces to put things, and somehow in moving I have misplaced most of my Christmas decorations.

I went to Whole Foods and bought some of their fresh cut greenery and made a really fun tablescape. I used my old bottles, thrifted vintage ornaments, tons of candles (you can never have too many candles, in my opinion) and I'm forcing Paperwhites atop votive holders and bottles as well! I love it, and I didn't have to spend a bunch of money on decorations!

Tiny wreaths made from boxwood and rosemary are my absolute favorite. They may stay up for a while. I hung music from old roll player pianos on either side of the window, and the rosemary wreaths look so perfect adorning them.

SO loving the new house, the new rooms to decorate, and the things I will be able to renovate! I will be posting some simple things you can do to improve rentals in the coming months, but for now I'll just enjoy the holiday. Merry Christmas!!

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