Monday, March 31, 2014

Vanessa's Home Renovation: A Year of Renovations Under $10K

On February 2nd, 2013, we signed papers for this historical beauty set in the nicest old neighborhood in town. It still amazes me that the deal went through. It was an incredible "God thing" if there ever was one. Read the story by clicking HERE

We had 45 days to work on it till we moved in, and about three or four thousand dollars to use. Our goal was to get the kitchen and main level bathroom done by move-in.

Here's what we had to work with:

 Well the kitchen and bathroom (sorry, no before or after pics YET!) were done by the time we had to move in. We also had the floors professionally refinished on the main level. It was the one thing we hired out for.

After one year and less than $10K, here is what we accomplished and how much we spent (Click the links to see the full post & reveal pictures!):

Kitchen: total $1200-1300
 New floors ($300)
 Cabinets taken out (+$1000)
 Sink($40) + faucet ($55)
 Cupboard ($500) + Galvanized sheet metal ($25)
 Shelf (materials $80)
 Stove (materials to fix $65)
 Light fixtures put in ($75)
 Painted walls and floors ($100)

Main Bathroom: $500 (Saving pics of these for a fun reveal post soon!)
 New Flooring ($75)
 Sheet rocked walls ($50)
 New plumbing ($150)
 Cupboard for Vanity ($45) + sink ($20) + faucet ($35)
 Light fixture ($40)
 Painted walls and floors ($70)

 Dining and Sitting Room: $1800-1900
 New wood flooring ($700)
 Stain floors ($1000)
 Painted walls ($65)
 Chandelier ($95)

Hallway/Stairs: $250-$300
 Knocked out wall for doorway
 Knocked out wall at top of steps
 New(old) railing at top of steps ($100)
 Took carpet off steps
 New wood flooring ($100)
 Stained floors
 Painted walls and steps ($65)

 Pulled up carpet
 Knocked out walls
 Restrained floors ($900)
 Patched walls ($200)
 Painted walls...twice ($150)
 Chandelier ($75)

 Replaced a doorway with a wall ($15)
 Restained floors ($100)
 Paint ($45)

 Put up wall between 2 bedrooms ($50)
 New wood floors ($300)
 New window ($110)
 Painted walls and floors ($50)

 Paint ($16)
 Chandelier ($25)

Master Bedroom: $16
 Paint ($16)

Upstairs Bath: $1000-$1100
 Gutted/tore out closet
 New wood floors ($100)
 Sheet rocked walls ($40)
 Plumbing + copper pipe ($250)
 Painted floors/walls ($100)
 Sink ($200) + faucet ($60)
 Tub faucet ($90) + adjusting parts ($40)
 Shower head ($65)
 Chandelier ($30)
 Light fixture ($40)

 Knocked out 3rd bathroom for laundry room
 New ceiling and light fixture in entry ($50)
 Re-wired most of the house ($500)

In one year we spent about $9000 in renovations. It was only possible because of my hard-working and super smart husband. He had no background in carpentry or plumbing or electrical, but learned just about everything from YouTube! We also had SO MUCH help from family! We both have hard-working and experienced fathers who did so much work on the house with us. God has truly blessed us!!

Here's what's left:
Laundry room
Entry way
Sun Room
Upstairs hallway
New windows
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vanessas Home Renovation: Bathroom Reveal!

Let's just call this the "Misfits Bathroom". Everything we ordered for this bathroom...didn't fit! But my husband is an expert at...adjustments. And so adjustment after adjustment, this bathroom was pieced together. We knocked out the linen closet adjoining the bathroom to create more space. At first I was hesitant (it was my husband's idea), but now I am SO glad we did!

When we moved in, we had the bathroom on the main level done. It's the bathroom we've been using for over a year now. It's very small with a small claw foot tub and no window. So bathing 3 kids, or having to go all the way downstairs for a midnight tinkle was really getting old. You haven't seen pictures of this bathroom because it was never quite perfect. Now that the upper is finished, we have to do work on the downstairs one again. Typical! 

Well, the upstairs bath was the LONGEST of all our projects in the house. This is how it went:

Early November--Demolition of bathroom commences 
Then the electrical part
More electrical
And just a little more electrical
Christmas time--Finally walls, floors and paint!
Tub, toilet and sink are put in

Sink is too short for the drain coming out of the wall
We make adjustments
January 1st - It's ALMOST done!!
First sink faucet didn't fit
Ordered another faucet
More Waiting while our faucet ships from China to Kalispell, IN (which doesn't exist)
Faucet arrived!
Faucet STILL doesn't fit
Quick adjustment and the faucet is in and working. Yay!
Ordered faucet for tub
Received faucet...doesn't fit.
Researched and found swing arms to make it work
Waited for swing arms
Received swing arms! Tub faucet put together and put in copper piping!
EVERYTHING is done...we just need a shower head!
Ordered shower head
Shower head out of stock :-(
Ordered another shower head
Received shower head and IT FIT!!
March 22nd -Took one VERY LONG, VERY GIGGLY shower!!

It took forever, but I am still smiling through every shower I take. I LOVE my new bathroom! It still has some work left to do, such as a shelf and small cabinet and some decor on the walls. But here it is...FINALLY!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Companies We Love: Alpine Baby Co.

I love Instagram. I have met some really awesome people through that social media platform, and of course I love taking pictures of anything and everything!

This year, I met Chelsi of Alpine Baby Co. through her feed. She has a feed full of beautiful pictures and GREAT baby clothing! The cutest little leggings I've ever seen. Then I found out she is from Whitefish, Montana! Literally 15 minutes from where we hold our summer markets. SO AWESOME!! She was sweet enough to send Beckett and Esme a pair each to try out, and we are in love with them.

First off, the packaging is super cute. It's like a little piece of Montana in a bag!! Twine, pine tree branch, hand stamped, paper it all.

Her leggings are made of organic cotton, and printed using a water based ink, so they're incredibly soft and environmentally efficient!

Esme is wearing the Spring Teepee print with cream knee patches, and Beckett has the charcoal stump with cream patches. When I ordered for Beckett, I sized up and I'm glad that I did because they fit him, but not so snug that he'll only wear them for a short while. He'll get a lot of wear out of them!

The elastic waistband is GREAT. Unlike some of Beckett's other pants, he can't wiggle out of these, but they're not TOO tight.

I LOVED the knee patches too. They were one of the first things to draw me in! They come in different can check out the different products HERE

I'll definitely be buying more of these as the seasons go on! We love Alpine Baby Co. and can't wait to see what they'll be coming out with next!! Check out their website HERE and follow on instagram at @alpinebabyco!

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