Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Creative ways to display flowers using vintage goods!

We are pretty obsessed with flowers around here. I mean, we have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to flowers...so when we find a really awesome floral artist who wants to collaborate with us...we jump on the opportunity!!

Lace & Lilies, an adorable duo out of Fort Collins, CO knows how to make flowers look even more beautiful than they already do. I mean, look at this amazing garland!!

These girls. They're super sweet, and they met in the floral industry! Like a lot of great ideas, their business idea was formed while sipping on a great Colorado brew. These Colorado folk know how to make good beer, you guys. I really didn't like beer until I moved here, and now...I have a FAVORITE. Anyway, they inspire each other to create, and that's so similar to how Vanessa and I work together. We often come up with our best ideas by texting and brainstorming!  

I thought it would be really fun to hunt for things to put their arrangements in that WEREN'T your typical vases. I don't mind vases, but they're so...common! I found all of these items at antique malls, thrift stores, and garage sales...and the most expensive one was $30. What sorts of items would you add to the list? 

1. Groupings of vintage bottles - I love how the different sized bottles showcase the flowers. Plus, MACARONS!! They're from La Creperie of Fort Collins

2. Tins - They hold water, and they're adorable! So much more exciting than a plain old vase!

3. Old cans with advertising labels still on - I found this great can at Patina Antiques & Home in Littleton, CO! The green chairs are a $30 Craigslist find!

4. Small galvanized containers or buckets - I'm not sure what these little galvanized pots are, but I found several of them! I think after the flowers are gone, I'll use them for vintage paintbrushes! My guest room cabinet was so bare before these gorgeous flowers brightened it up! Oh, that ranunculus!

5. Salt boxes  - One of my favorites. This one was missing the wooden lid, so that made it easy to put an arrangement in. I'm sure you could put flowers in one even with the lid still on..and the nice thing is, most of them have a hole for hanging already! Love the color and detail of this ironstone salt box!

Aren't these flowers AMAZING!!? 

6. Ironstone - Good old ironstone. You can use it for a million different things...flowers have become my favorite use for it though.

7. Match holders - this might be one of my favorites. How fun would a grouping of these be on a kitchen wall?!

I have a few more ideas for creative vases up my sleeve, but I have yet to come across them! I'll update as I find more. The flowers are the real star of the show. If only I could arrange them like the girls at Lace and Lilies do!! They actually host floral design + WINE classes!! You can visit their Facebook page HERE for more details on class times and cost. So, which one is your favorite? 

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