Wednesday, March 4, 2015

An Inspirational Montana Home

I had the pleasure of photographing a friend's home this month. Her style was one of the first to influence and inspire me 15 years ago. And even though I have never seen her current home or even seen an old home of hers since maybe 10 years ago, I have always been inspired by her style. 

Finally, after all this time I took a trip over to Bozeman to photograph her home and HOLY SMOKES...was it BEAUTIFUL! They moved into this home about 6 years ago with their 4 sweet little girls and have been renovating it since. She is a true minimalist! Every closet was empty and only small dressers held all their clothes. No. clutter. anywhere! It makes me realize just how little we actually need. 

And if that doesn't inspire you, she has collecting everything in this house from garage sales and craigslist! Yes...that sofa...those leather chairs...EVERYTHING!

So enough of what I is some inspiration directly from the creator of this gorgeous home:

"I have always had a deep longing for meaningful things in my, family, relationships and beauty. Space is important in my relationships; not filling my life with busy-ness. This choice trickles down to every part of my life including our home and my decorating style. Simplicity....keeping the main things the main things...can be so beautiful. Put one or two beautiful pieces in a room and I am hooked! Before bringing anything into our home I ask myself "is this useful or beautiful?" 90% of the things in our home are from Craigslist or garage sales. But this doesn't mean that I scrimp, cut corners, buy "cheap" or imitation. I believe in buying what I really LOVE. I love authenticity and quality. I am not afraid of space in my home. I leave a room undone until I find the perfect piece that I can afford. For example, I love vintage fabrics. Recently I bought 2 antique Turkish rugs off of Etsy. Neither were "cheap" but I know they will serve my family well and grow with my style. Real style and beauty develop over time. Its not a race but a slow deliberate journey. So my home is filled with space...some space I hope to fill one day and some space I treasure and will never give up. " 
 -Candace Partain

 4 girls, and all of their clothes...ALL of their clothes are in that little cupboard and drawers. 

Candice has sewn everything in her house from the pillows to the curtains to the couch slipcover. 

I hope this inspires you as much as it did me!

Paint color in kitchen, dining and living room: Farrow & Ball "Skimming Stone"
Paint color in hallway: Farrow & Ball "Strong White"
Paint color in Girls Room: Farrow & Ball "Calamine"

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