Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Boys Bedroom Makeover and DIY Leather Handles

As you know, black and white is sweeping over the design world and it has swept me along with it. I have been obsessed with black and white ever since I found an ironstone bowl with a black stripe on it last summer. I struggle to find places in the house where I can and want to work in this black and white, but when I found this adorable black and white suitcase at our Vintage Whites Market in Salt Lake City last month, I decided I'd just have to re-do my son's room to have a place for it. You can check out the before HERE

I really liked Eli's room as it was, but I just needed to get this black and white out of my system and  his room was the best option at the time. It only took a couple days to re-do it. I painted the walls with Benjamin Moore Regal Select, Color: #OC-37 "Glacier White" in the Pearl finish. 

I searched everywhere for light blue bedding for this room but had no luck until I found this set from H&M's home collection. It was JUST what I was looking for and such a good price at $34.99!

Last year I made his light fixture shade out of leather belts and an old lamp shade from the thrift store. I just cut the belts, wrapped the ends over the rim and used brad nails, earring backs and hot glue to secure the ends. 

When I saw Anthropologie's $18 (each) leather drawer handles I knew I had to do this for Eli's dresser...with thrifted leather belts. Here's how I did it:

 All you need is a drill and drill bit, the screws and washers of your choice, scissors, and leather belts from the thrift store. 

After measuring and deciding how long you want your handles and how far you want them to bow out, cut your belt to the appropriate length. The first time I did this I cut a sample piece to make sure it all fit right and I could get my hand behind it to pull. 

Then drill a hole through the leather where you want your screw to be. 

Screw through the hole in the leather and into the existing hole on the dresser. Then screw the washer onto the back of the screw. 

It's really THAT EASY! And it will cost you less than $5!

I LOVE 2-day bedroom makeovers! 


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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kitchen Makeover Reveal: "Epic" to "Minimalist"

When I mentioned to my husband a few months ago that I wanted to strip my green cabinet down to raw, natural wood, he thought I was crazy! "That color is what makes that cabinet worth so much!"..."That's why you bought that cabinet." He was right. I loved that cabinet for it's color and chippiness and unique look. And I STILL love that cabinet! 

Click here to see the BEFORE.

I had dreamed up a new look for the kitchen, a much cleaner, natural, less cluttered and almost modern look. When I was ready to get to it, it was hard to pull the trigger. I knew just what this cabinet meant to so many. I knew what it meant to me. I was deciding between a kitchen I loved and a kitchen I would love even more. Hubby refused to sand the cabinet for me...at first. He didn't "believe in it". Ha! But eventually, he said he'd do it for me if I bought him a jacket he liked. DEAL! I think this hard-working, self-sacrificing, clever handy-man deserves a new jacket. 

The day after the cabinet was stripped of it's paint, even though the kitchen was such a mess, I noticed as I cooked that it just felt like a clean kitchen. Many people talk about the feelings they get from their own home design, however I've never really gotten the "feelings". Either I liked how it looked or I didn't. But this was a feeling I got without even looking at my kitchen...just working in it. It felt so good! 

The hardest part was taking down my cubby shelf that my husband build and I painted. I LOVED that thing! I mean...who has one of those? But I wanted my marble shelves. The cubbies were part of what made my kitchen look cluttered and so they had to go. My husband quickly cut and put up the marble shelves. I was waiting for this "aahhh" moment...where you hear angels singing you know? Well, it was a bit disappointing. My husband said "you had an EPIC kitchen..." and he was right about that, it was pretty "epic". But what I want now is CLEAN...SLEEK...MINIMAL. So after thinking about whether or not I should put the "epic" shelf back up or keep going with the "sleek" marble shelves, I decided to go with what I really wanted, even though it's not a show-stopper. 

The only treatment we used on the wood cabinet was Briwax (Original) in light brown. I didn't want to change the tone or color much and wanted it to keep the "old" look. The Briwax was AMAZING! You can find it on Amazon

I searched for marble for a long time. What I REALLY wanted was old marble with stains and chips, but yeah right! Where would I find that?! Well when we went to Denver to put on our Vintage Whites Market in January, Jana (Vintage Whites partner) found some for me. (Leave it to Jana). She finds EVERYTHING! She took us to Uncle Benny's Building Supplies and there we found 3 large pieces of antique marble. I was giggly and giddy! Next I just needed to know how to cut the marble. The man helping us says, "oh, that's easy..." I couldn't believe it! Now I've got marble AND know what to do to cut it. That saves me HUNDREDS! 

Now, in my "DREAM" kitchen the marble shelves have this tiny brass railing and somehow Jana knew I wanted that and told me to ask the man about it. Like he'd know what I was talking about. Jana pulls up the picture and asks him. "Oh yeah, that's called galley rail. You can find it hear in this catalogue." My jaw dropped and my heart pounded...NO! WAY! This is the most amazing place EVER!! So I had everything I needed for my "dream kitchen". 

I wanted floating marble shelves but I don't even think that is possible since they needed to be wide enough to hold all my dishes. So I searched for very minimal brackets. I fell in love with Anthropologie's wishbone brackets. I ordered them in white because I wanted them to be almost invisible so that my shelves look like they're floating. 

We repainted the walls in Benjamin Moore Regal Select, Color: #OC-37 "Glacier White" in Pearl finish. I LOVE IT! It's not too yellowy or pinky. It's perfect! The trim and built-in cabinet I painted with Benjamin Moore's Regal Select "Snowfall White" (#OC-118) in Pearl finish. 

I'm so obsessed with black and white right now and it all started with this ironstone bowl and lid I found. I still can't find anything like it. 

But I found these adorable canisters on Etsy and I LOVE the design on them. I'm hoping for just one or two more pieces with a black stripe or design. 

 I really needed something for over the stove but wanting my "minimal" look it was hard to figure out what it needed to be. The rack was so perfect! I couldn't find an old piece of wood long enough so, again, I had to make the new look old. I used the same Briwax I used on the cabinet after denting and roughing it up a bit. My husband found these super cool masonry nails at Lowes and they were so perfect! 

I know the stripped cabinet will break so many hearts, but I hope it will also inspire a few. I feel so good in my kitchen now and even though I did so love the "before", I'm glad I took a leap of faith!


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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Renovated Rustic Montana Farmhouse

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing this beautifully renovated farmhouse near the Bigfork area in Montana. It took the owners just 18 months to nearly finish a complete renovation, doing everything themselves...while working full-time jobs! They began the project with no past renovation experience, but learned as they went. 

Here is what the owner, Felesha, has to say about their experience renovating the house:

"The day we closed, October 16th, 2013, was the day we started tearing things down, gutting EVERYTHING. As we got deeper into it, we wondered how this place stayed standing all these years! 20 amps running through 15 amp wiring, outlets charred, brittle and frayed, live wires loose in walls, the chimney brick was nearly falling over, full of soot.  Wood stove was the main source of heat since the propane didn't do much with the cardboard boxes for insulation and underwear and socks stuffed around the framing of all the window and door frames to keep the cold drafts out. Walls were flammable, flimsy particle board, ceilings stained with pack rate urine. The main plumbing from upstairs ran through the living room wall with a large screw sticking out of it AND someone cut one of the load bearing support beams to put the pipe there."

"When we were to the point where we could start on the upstairs, we decided to take out the attic to open it up and get higher ceilings. So one day, as we were on our ladders, geared up in masks, goggles and long-sleeves stuffed under our gloves, we started scooping out 4-5ft of loose insulation that was blown in a few years back. Just in a hurry to get this horrible job done, without knowing my hands found one of those large paper hornet nests.  I pulled it out with the insulation and it just fell on top of me and broke over my head. Luckily my husband and the cold winter killed them off by that point. Still, what a horrible, creepy crawly feeling!"

"Oh, the things we found in this home. I'm surprised WE didn't burn it down ourselves, frustrated with all the hidden nightmares she kept revealing. But somehow, a miracle of some sort (or possibly my mother) kept our heads down and nose to the grind stone and we did what we had to do to finish it. Our friends thought we fell off the face of the earth, cashing in our entire social life to renovate this house. Now it all feels like a bad dream and I woke up to a beautiful house...or like I was Dorothy, whorled around in the tornado and the wicked witch cackling around me and then I wake up in a field of poppies. I guess I'm making this all sound like it was so horrible for me, like "I" had it bad. As we were looking for a house to purchase, and we came upon this one, my dearest husband knew how much work it was going to be, but he let me buy it because I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT. He was the one who got the dirtiest, the bloodiest, and the sweatiest. The place made him nearly mad. His mind constantly on over drive, thinking of how to solve this jig-saw-puzzle of a house and with only him and Google to sort out the problems. But now he's in full satisfaction mode, priding his craftsmanship and dedication. As so he should! A lot of it he learned as we went."

Here are the tools they used to create what they did:

All the barn wood came from old barns and ills from around Montana. Jeremiah traded his labor to get payment in wood and material, alongside his full time job. They would even get scrap wood from burn piles to use as trim, kitchen signs and a coat rack. 

The wood brackets holding up the kitchen shelving are old 2x4's salvaged from the dumpster. Whatever wood they had, they used, regardless if it matched the other wood throughout the house. They reduced, reused and recycled as much as possible. 

The metal backing around the wood stove is old ridge cap from a barn. They saved thousands by not hiring out to get traditional stone hearth put up. 

The paint they used for the upstairs is PPG Porter Paints - Breakthrough. No sanding or priming was needed. It has incredible bonding properties and is extremely durable. The color she used was "Natural Wicker". 

Furniture and decor are either from Felecia's home in Ohio or Craigslist. 

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Vintage Whites in Salt Lake 2015 Recap

I can't believe it's already been a month since our 3rd annual market in Salt Lake City! We had a BLAST...it was our best year yet, and we say that every year.

We had over 120 of the best vintage/antique/repurposed/handmade vendors from the northwest, live music from Flannel Graph and Mindy Gledhill, fresh cut flowers by A Flower Afternoon, an awesome photobooth by Salty Booth, coffee from La Barba, hot cocoa from Duchess Hot Chocolate, Waffle Love, Cupbop, Fire & Slice Pizza, a vintage fashion show by 58 Bluebirds and Unhinged....in short, it was a memorable, fun, and tasty year. We work with some very talented people!!!

This year, we had some incredibly generous sponsors as well. They donated several gifts for our prizes for the first 50 people in line (wow!) - you've just got to check them out online!!

- Fleattitude Vintage Market (June 27th at the Utah State Fairpark)
- Gibbs Smith Publishing (they donated those darling DARCY totes! You can buy them online here)
- Vine Street Antiques
- Unhinged Boutique 
- C & S Coop

All of the photos in this post (with the exception of the one directly above this text) were done by Melissa Leavitt Photography starring the wonderful Brittany from The House Lars Built! If you have photos of our Salt Lake market that you'd like to add, comment with the link or email us directly at vintagewhites@gmail.com!

At the end of this post is our VIDEO recap!! Modern Atelier (based out of SLC) came and filmed the market for TWO days! They got some incredible footage, and we could not be happier with the video they made for us! Check it out!! 

We will be BACK in Salt Lake on March 12th, 2016! To find out more information on how to be a vendor or a sponsor, or if you have an idea for us, head to www.thevintagewhitesmarket.com! Applications will go live at the end of the summer! 


July 11th - Somers, Montana ( RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1586181444986536/ )
Sept 5th - Somers, Montana
Nov 14th - Kalispell Fairgrounds in Kalispell, Montana
Jan 9th - Loveland, CO at The Ranch Events Complex
Mar 12 - Salt Lake City, UT at the Utah State Fairpark

Vintage Whites Salt Lake 2015 from Vintage Whites on Vimeo.
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