Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Everyday

Loving the "everyday" means seeing beauty in simple everyday objects; displaying them in your home and using them constantly. It means choosing beautiful quality items that will serve you well each and every day. It means finding pleasure in beauty AND in functionality.

Cast iron pots that age gracefully.....seasoning themselves over time with each use.

Cooking supplies within easy reach.... spices hung above the stove and utensils on open display. 

Dry goods in vintage glass canisters.

A beautiful quality kitchen knife still sharp after years of humble service.

Crisp vintage linens and towels.... made with remarkable durability.

A well worn sturdy dinner table.

Train yourself to buy only what you love. Buy one beautiful well made set of measuring cups and throw out the plastic ones you hide in the drawer.

Loving "the everyday" also means one other significant thing. It means using your beautiful loved things every single day. Get rid of the fear that says "using my beautiful things daily is wasteful." It's a lie. You honor yourself, your family, and your possessions by using your things daily. Your favorite antique china, your vintage linens, old rugs, and chandeliers...... these things are honored as they are used and enjoyed. This keeps your home real, authentic, and honest. People are then invited into your true real everyday life.

And the hardest part of all....get rid of the things you don't find beautiful and you don't use on a daily basis. They clutter up the real beauty in a home, taking precious time and space. Retain only the things that serve you and are beautiful to you. The end result will be a simple, beautiful, and personal space you love to be in every day.


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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Vanessa's Fall Home Tour and Unique Ways to Decorate for the Season

Fall is definitely my favorite season! However decorating my home for Fall has always been a challenge. I do not like the typical fall colors in my home. I like light, airy pastels....

Most people do not use pastels to decorate for the Fall...but I like to decorate outside the box. 

I bring out the furs and chunky throws in whites and neutrals...nothing really unique about that. But they definitely add the warmth and texture without the bold colors.

I love to find branches that are just turning, so they aren't completely orange or yellow yet, but a softer burnt orange with the light green. And then of course white pumpkins. But one of my favorite things to use around the house in the Fall are the red or the brown pears. The color is so soft and muted and I just think pears are the cutest thing!

I love to find pumpkins that are the soft orange color or the grey/blue color. Unfortunately, it's too early here and I have not found any large pumpkins yet. 

I found these plates and loved that they had pink in them but still looked so Fallish! So it inspired me to search for accent pieces that had pink in them but still felt warm. 

I found several pillows in a soft, warm pink....and although I rarely use pink in my home, I loved that it was a unique way to use a softer color to decorate for Fall. 

I FINALLY found a rug that I love in my living room! After all the rugs...solid or patterned, light or dark...that I've tried in here, I realized that it was just the squareness of the rug I hated. I do hate symmetry and straight lines so...maybe that's why. Hmm. 

Aqua is obviously a color I love to use. Well it went so well with my burnt pinks and orangy-reds, and I even found a pillow that had all the colors in it!

I found this little wool rug while shopping for fall accents and fell in love! It went with the pillows that I had already found and I just so loved the pattern and colors in it! 

Many people don't think of using aqua and pink in their Fall color scheme. But I love to be unique, and I just love my soft, muted colors!

I really hope this inspires you to "decorate outside the box" and come up with unique ways to adorn your home for the season. 


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