Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Toddler boy room makeover + a giveaway with Rejuvenation!

Beckett's room has been SO neglected. Not neglected for a couple of months...neglected for at least a year!! Yep. TIME FOR AN OVERHAUL! When we started our conversation with Rejuvenation, I knew exactly what I wanted to use their lighting for! We took out his red plastic Cars bed (I know) and Tanner built him the most amazing bed. It's like a treehouse! When B outgrows it, we'll use it for a little playhouse...and Tanner has even thought about a way to make one into a crib for Caplin!  (He's taking custom orders, by the way. Tell all your friends!!) 

I picked up the adorable teepee from one of our vendors. I've been wanting one for a long time, so when Kaisa + Bethany brought this to our Christmas market, I had to have it! It's a cute little area for Beckett to sit and read. I put all of his extra pillows in there, and he loves crawling in to read at naptime. The bear skin rug came from a thrift store for $2. It's from the 1920s and is soooo cool!

I knew that I wanted a wall sconce to go above his bed, so I chose the Reed swing arm light (I love that it can be customized by color and shade). We live in a rental, so I got the plug-in version! Super easy to set up and I love that it can go ANYWHERE!

Most all of the toys that I have for Beckett are market, antique, or thrift store finds. The locker is also a market find, and I use it to hold all his little toys in wire baskets, and snow gear hangs on the hooks inside. He likes to pretend that the bottom shelf is his oven. He makes me cherry and strawberry cookies, and is sure to have me blow on them because they're hot coming out of the oven. Melt my heart!

For his main source of lighting, I went with a pendant and a large glass globe. Love the little twist of modern in his room! The wolf hook and rug are from Target, the dresser is from our market, the basket is from Homegoods, and the adorable pillowcase is Roxy Marj for Land of Nod (one of my favorite purchases!), the fox pillow is Urban Outfitters from a few years ago, and the sleeping cloud pillow was a purchase from a market similar to ours. Its just so sweet!!

Don't forget that Rejuvenation is running a giveaway with us until next Friday....$500 worth of product!! You can enter below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed Beckett's room makeover. I am sure it will evolve in the coming months, so I'll make sure to post updates!! - Jana

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kitchen Lighting Refresh + A Giveaway With Rejuvenation

Jana and I are so excited to be collaborating with Rejuvenation for an amazing giveaway (scroll down to enter)! Check out these gorgeous fixtures from Rejuvenation that are now up in my kitchen! I have dreamed of these shiny chrome lights for ages. And now I get to look at them every day!

I checked with the man of the house to make sure he could get wiring behind that wall and he said it would be "easy". However that was about a month before he actually had to do the project and doing the project is always a different story. But it only took him a good days work and voila!...the cherry on top of my kitchen.

That corner of the kitchen was in sad need of some light! With all my metal dome fixtures I get gorgeous down light but only in one spot.

I'll tell you why I chose the chrome. Obvious reason being I have chrome on my vintage stove. But I also have a brass tea kettle and some copper going on here and there too...but what I love about the chrome is the subtlety and "airy-ness" of it. It's not bold against all the white and therefore doesn't add more focal points to my kitchen that I'm trying to lessen focal points in. The more things that draw the eye, the more cluttered it feels and I've really been trying to minimize the clutter going on in our home.

They are there without screaming for attention. I so love how these fixtures turned out in my kitchen!

When I'm looking for light fixtures I always search Rejuvenation first! And they have a lot more than just lights! And it's all gorgeous! I hope this was helpful and inspiring for you, and if you loved these lights...make sure to enter the giveaway below that we're hosting with Rejuvenation! They are offering $500 worth of product!! Here's how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas in Montana

Tanner and I have spent Christmas in Montana every year since we've been married. Wait, we did spend one Christmas in Tacoma because I was sick...we ate at Dennys. I choose to block that memory haha!

This year I decided to snap pictures along the way...taking in the scenery. Boy, is there a lot of it!! I hope you enjoy these photos!

This cabin is an old historic ranger station that was commissioned by Teddy Roosevelt! You may recognize it from the Hearth Magazine feature we did there a few years ago! I really want to stay here sometime. There's electricity, but no running water. There's an outhouse! It's only $40 per good! Nothing short of cozy. It was occupied, so we snapped a pic and hurried out!

We spent Christmas eve sledding down the road behind my parents house. My dad used his 4wheeler to pack down the road which made it nice and slick for all of the big kids. We had a blast, and the boys did too! 

We got back to the house after sledding and the power was out. I LOVED that we couldn't use the computers, or watch tv, or check our phones (only service through wifi out there). It was really refreshiong and sort of magical to watch the snow falling by the light of a kerosene lamp. With 5 boys (4 of whom are under the age of 5), we were glad that it finally kicked back on so we could see to play and color. It was truly a Christmas to remember!! 

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