Monday, February 8, 2016

Stress Relief Sea Salt Scrub DIY Recipe

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be sharing a wonderful recipe with you today. We're getting close to Valentines Day, and if your skin looks anything like mine...well, lets just say I need all the help I can get to make it smooth + moisturized! Check out this little promo on our YouTube excited to make MORE videos for you guys!! Click HERE to subscribe for more videos and behind-the-scenes at our market and blog!

This sea salt scrub is a basic 2:1 ratio, and this recipe is for a 4 oz jar.  I used Stress Away and Lavender essential oils to scent my scrub and they are so wonderfully relaxing and calming. Stress Away and Lavender are two oils that I use daily, both diffusing them and wearing them topically for my kids, husband, and I. I only use Young Living oils because they are 100% pure and responsibly farmed. Not a lot of companies can say that. Did you know that the FDA only requires that 8% of an essential oil be pure to be labeled as such? Food for thought!

I've only been using essential oils for about a year now. I was such a skeptic before, but I've seen them work for our family time and time again through immune support during seasonal issues, skin conditions, to replace our toxic cleaners in the home, and I've even replaced my toothpaste! The only reason I'm sharing any of this with you today is because I truly believe they work!

I was excited to try stress away in the salt scrub to relax, and's just SO good. I hope you'll try it out!

You'll take 2 TBSP of pink sea salt + mix with 1 TBSP melted coconut oil + 4-5 drops of your chosen essential oils. I added in an 1/8 TSP of fractionated coconut oil (you can find this at most health food stores. It's basically just coconut oil that stays liquid all the time) to keep everything soft in the jar. After the coconut oil firms up, you'll have to stir it before using to mix in the fractionated coconut oil.

It's really simple and so refreshing!! You'll have to let me know what you think. Also, Vanessa and I are sharing marriage tips + dating ideas on our Instagram this week...check it out if you haven't already!!

If you have any questions about essential oils or how to order them, please email me anytime! or you can also check out the Young Living website. If you'd like to sign up or order, they are offering 10% off of premium starter kits through the month of February (the starter kits are a great way to try out the oils + to receive wholesale pricing. You'll get 11 oils and a diffuser with the starter kit). I'm adding $25 back to you in ADDITION to the 10% discount during the month of February as well. A GREAT time to try!

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