Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cocoon by Sealy unboxing video + GIVEAWAY!

We are so excited to be partnering with Tempur Sealy for the launch of their new mattress in a box, Cocoon by Sealy, and the #myhappyplace campaign! A mattress that arrived on my doorstep in a box shorter than I am...well, Vanessa and I were both skeptical! See her post on it here.

                                 ( This post contains sponsored links from Cocoon by Sealy )

I told Tanner to let me do most of the heavy lifting because I wanted to show you guys just how easy it was for one person to set up. I got all the way to putting it up on our new platform bed (built by Tanner...if you're in Colorado and interested in one, email us at!) and then let him help me haha. They really make it SO easy for you, and with a 100 night trial, 10 year warranty AND someone to come get it FOR FREE if I need to return it? Yes please!!

My bedroom has gone through a lot over the last year, and I can truly say the last time it was SUPER CLEAN was when I did the last blog post on revamping it! I have neglected it big time. It's my catch-all room. It's where everything that doesn't have a proper place ends up. It's also the only room I can retreat to when the boys are asleep, and it's supposed to be a sanctuary for Tanner and I....but since I haven't done a great job on keeping it cozy and clean, it's the opposite of my happy place right now!! When Tempur-Sealy contacted us, it was just the kickstart I needed to really get it in order. I'm nowhere near done, but this is where it all begins...with an incredibly comfortable mattress!

My bedroom NEEDS to be a haven and an escape. I was so empowered and motivated to completely change my perspective on keeping my room CLEAN when I was getting rid of the old mattress!! I can not wait to show you guys what it turns in to.

We've been sleeping on the mattress for about a week now, and I am IN LOVE!! My hips don't hurt in the morning, my back doesn't hurt if I lay on my's the perfect blend of soft and firm. And it came in a box! Gone are the days of walking into a store to buy a mattress three times the price I pay for rent! Cocoon by Sealy provides exceptional comfort at a minimal price. Twin beds start at $549 and a king size is under $1000 and they're sold exclusively online here. We REALLY want you guys to try one, and Tempur-Sealy was gracious enough to gift us two mattresses to give away!! We'll be hosting the first giveaway today, and the second when we post again in May about how our bedrooms have changed! I am so excited to take the next couple months and transition my room from something I avoid to something I never want to leave -- my happy place!

Here's how to enter the giveaway for a FREE Cocoon by Sealy mattress:

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How to Achieve a Relaxing Bedroom

I've got some pretty fun information for you all today! We have partnered with Temper Sealy to try out their brand new mattress-in-a-box, the Cocoon by Sealy. We only partner with companies we believe in and endorse products we truly love! And on Thursday's post we'll be hosting a giveaway for one of these amazing mattresses! So don't miss out on that! 

( This post contains sponsored links from Cocoon by Sealy )

Since a comfortable mattress is essential to making your bedroom your happy place, I thought I'd also give some thoughts on additional steps that create a restful and relaxing bedroom. 

But first...let me show you how the Cocoon by Sealy mattress arrived. 

My husband and I were thoroughly confused when this showed up on our doorstep. How on earth is a mattress in that box!?

Oooohhh....that's how!  

I'm not sure I was supposed to let little feet run all over it, but the instructions didn't say NOT to do that so...

As soon as I opened the plastic, poof...that thin little pad turned into this beautiful soft mattress! Hubby got to try it out first. He gave me a grin and said, "yeah that's pretty comfortable". That surprised me since he had his doubts in the beginning. The nice thing is, they offer a 100 night trial and if you're not 100% satisfied, they'll come pick up the mattress (you don't have to put it back in the box!) and donate it to a local agency. That's pretty cool. 

We chose the "firm" mattress...hubby and I are believers in a good, firm mattress! 

It was so nice and light to carry up our stairway and around the corners to our bedroom. When my husband got into bed that night I couldn't believe it...I didn't feel a thing! That was such a strange sensation...or I guess non-sensation. We giggled quite a bit and the next day, hubby was raving about that mattress! 

We live a pretty stressful life right now....3 little kids still at home full-time, running 2 businesses out of our home and hubby still working a full-time job. It's so very important to indulge in every opportunity to relax. So having a clean bedroom is step one to get to that sweet point of calm and relaxation. 

Step two is having a beautiful environment. Fresh flowers always do the trick! But maybe you need to rearrange the bedroom so that your bed is your focal point as soon as you walk in the door. You don't even need a headboard...mattresses and bedding is enough to make a gorgeous centerpiece in your haven. 

Take away the clutter. Maybe this should be a whole step to itself but imagine going into a room with nothing in it but a bed full of fluffy pillows. I can't imagine anything more relaxing than that. 

But the final step would be to have a comfortable bed. Soft sheets, fluffy pillows, and a comfortable mattress! That's pretty much my recipe for a good night's rest. And this new Cocoon by Sealy mattress definitely nails it with comfort, and I hope you'll all enter to win one in the upcoming post. If you aren't signed up to get our posts, you can click here and follow us so that you'll be notified when we post! 

I am not only loving the Cocoon by Sealy but I am so relieved and happy that hubby now is getting a good night's sleep each night. Thank goodness!!

Hope you enjoyed the post and found it helpful!

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Sunday, March 27, 2016


Happy Easter! We dyed eggs yesterday with nail polish and water for a marbled look and it was a blast! Today's post is nothing informative...just photos of the kids in their Easter get-ups. So it might be pretty boring for most of you. 

I hate it when I get the kids all dolled up for the holiday and then I don't have time to get a photo before they are all messy and disheveled. This year I made them dress up the day before so I could get some good photos!

The girls are wearing vintage dresses and even Esmé's (the youngest) shoes are vintage. Yep...I collect more than just vintage furniture and decor. 

Eloise can't help but to pose in front of the camera, and Eli can't help but make a silly face. Esmé cracked every single egg in the basket!

This is after telling Esmé to put the egg gently in the basket. She is such a firecracker! I thought for sure my third would be more laid back...but I seem to have three very strong-willed children. But I wouldn't have it any other way!

I had to throw in a silly one just so you don't think I have picture-perfect little children (wink wink). Arms in the air and mouth wide open seems to be their number one choice of expression most days.

Happy Easter!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Small Guest Bathroom Reveal

Here is a room I have yet to post a photo of...the guest bathroom. This was the first room to be remodeled when we bought the home 3 years ago. But before I could post about it, paint started coming off the walls, the floor boards warped from an upstairs bathroom incident, and the kids took a pencil to the walls that I could never get off. The rest of the house became the priority after that and it wasn't until we were finished with every other room that we came back for round two on this one!

The tub is original to the house. The walls are painted with Benjamin Moore, Regal Select Pearl Finish "White Dove" (#OC-17).  

I got this gorgeous light fixture from Schoolhouse Electric! (Wish I could get a better pic of it). But it's perfect in here since I wanted to give just a slight modern touch to balance out all the antiques in this room. The mirror is also vintage but the straight lines and gold frame again give that contrast to the old, the chippy, and the feminine lines. 

I ordered the faucet off eBay...that's pretty much where I've gotten every faucet in our house. I found these gorgeous antique marble brackets in an architectural salvage shop and my husband cut a shelf from our left-over marble slabs to place on them. 

This sink! Ok it's not an antique. I found it on eBay as well and loved the shape and the raw outer surface. We used a vintage medical cabinet as the basin and it was not hard for my husband to cut the necessary holes to install the plumbing. 

I searched Etsy for "French hooks" and found these beauties! I mixed my metals a lot in this bathroom but I wanted that both modern and vintage look. 

My good friend, Maria, from Dreamy Whites Lifestyle sent me a few of her French soaps. I love love love them! 

So the toilet paper holder...well it's actually a vintage potty training seat and it's the most adorable thing I've ever seen! I did use it when I was potty training my first two and as I was trying to find a cute place to display it, I realized it is perfect for holding the toilet paper! 

Since this bathroom is small and has no natural light whatsoever, I decided to keep everything very white and light (light wood and satin nickel fixtures) and only added the tiniest bit of contrast with the French hooks and the black striped towels. I also needed an off-the-floor vanity and something very small to give this room more space. The vintage medical cabinet was perfect and I also loved that it was a unique idea for a vanity since it is metal instead of wood. 

I hope you find some helpful information here and maybe a tiny bit of inspiration. 


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